Have You Gotten Your Event/Meeting Confirmation?


Contributed by Liz Kranz

In an effort to stay ahead of the chaos of the upcoming school year, please take a minute to read this if you have submitted any room reservation requests in the past few months. Due to a staff transition in Campus Center & Events Services, I want to ensure everyone’s recent requests have been addressed.

If you have made any meeting or event reservations in the 25Live system over the past few months, please take some time this week to make sure you have either received an event confirmation from myself (Liz Kranz), one of my student workers, one of the other administrative schedulers on campus, or the previous Scheduling Coordinator (Heather Schuck).

You can also check the status of your events by logging into your 25Live account and looking at the “Your Events” section on the main page. You can look at a history of all the events you have scheduled and/or requested and see if they are in the “confirmed” or “tentative” states. If they are “confirmed,” your event is set, if they are “tentative,” please send an e-mail to cesreservations@ithaca.edu or call our office at 607-274-3313 to get a status update. Please include your event’s reference number in the e-mail or have the reference number available when you call.

I am thrilled to be back here at Ithaca College and look forward to working with you all in the future!