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Meet the Executive Board

Hannah Oppenheim '15, President

Marlowe Padilla '16, Vice President  

Hello everyone! My name is Marlowe Padilla, and I am a Sophomore Cinema and Photography student with a minor in Art from High Bridge, New Jersey. This year I am serving as RHA's Vice President. Part of my responsibilities as the Vice President include running assembly meetings, overseeing new members, recruitment, and welcome new executive board members. This year I plan to work with my fellow executive board as well as assembly members to give IC RHA a new look. We have many new things in store for the Ithaca College community so be on the look out for RHA events and new initiatives on the way! Aside from RHA, I am also on the executive board for the National Residence Hall Honorary and the Student Activities Board as the Director of Advertising and Public Relations and Multimedia Chair respectively. I am also an RA for the West Tower and the First Year Residential Experience, a President's Host Tour Guide for the Office of Admissions and an Ithaca Achievement Program Scholar. RHA has helped me voice my opinions on residential life and campus affairs in a way that most students who attend other institutions may not have. I have greatly enjoyed working with other students and trying to make the residential experience more comfortable and satisfying for students across campus. If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me at mpadill1@ithaca.edu

Stephen Burns '15, Treasurer


My name is Stephen Burns and I am the Treasurer of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) for the 2013-2014 academic year. A little background as to who I am; I am a Junior Accounting and Business Administration double major studying in the School of Business here on campus. I hail from the Jersey Shore, Spring Lake to be more specific. This year I am living in the Circle Apartments which I enjoy very much because I am still living in on-campus housing, but am not right in the main campus so it feels as though I am living off-campus. Some of my duties as Treasurer are to make sure that RHA isn’t spending more than we fundraise. That brings me to the second responsibility of the Treasurer; he/she is the head of the Fundraising Committee. As Fundraising Committee head, the Treasurer, with the help of committee members, organizes fundraisers so that RHA has money to allocate to organizations which come to us with Funding Requests. Finally, the Treasurer is tasked with receiving Funding Requests from other organizations on campus and Resident Assistants. These requests need to be for the benefit of students living on campus, specifically in the Residence Halls, and can be used for various events, programs, or initiatives. The reason why I have stayed in RHA for the past three years of my college career, and chose to take on the responsibility of Treasurer this year is because I know what RHA does is important and the change we bring about is affecting students’ everyday lives for the better. It makes me feel good when an organization RHA allocated money to holds a successful event to which a lot of on-campus students attend because I know that said event might not have been possible without the assistance provided by RHA. If you have any questions about being Treasurer or about RHA in general, please do not hesitate to email me at: sburns4@ithaca.edu

Liz Pellegrino '16, Secretary

Hi! My name is Liz Pellegrino and I am from Buffalo, New York. I am majoring in television -radio and loving every minute of it! I am secretary of RHA and am leader of the campus change committee. A goal I have this year for RHA is to make it more well-known around campus and I want to start a great campus change initiative.

Victoria Hathaway '16, Director of Programming

Hi, I'm Victoria Hathaway, Director of Programming! What I enjoy most about RHA is hearing all of the wonderful thoughts and ideas by my peers and creative events by RA's and student organizations. My semester goal is to throw two amazing events that will keep the student body engaged while also learning something. Come to one of our meetings and see what RHA is all about!

Angelíca Aseltine '15, National Communications Coordinator

Hey! My name is Angelica Aseltine and I am a Junior Sociology major and Viola Performance minor.I got involved with RHA my sophomore year and have been coming back ever since. RHA has the power to make a change on campus and I love being a voice for the students. I am the National Communication Coordinator for RHA. I can't wait to share my ideas and learn from others at the many conferences that I will attend. 

Spencer Pereira '16, Director of Advertising and Public Relations

Hello, my name is Spencer Pereira, and I'm a Sophomore, IMC major from Omaha, Nebraska. I really enjoy exercising, language, writing, travel, lacrosse, socializing, marketing and reading just about anything I can find. My favorite part of RHA is the ability the club provides me to help benefit students on the IC campus by improving their experience in Residence Halls. As an RA, providing the best possible residential experience for students on-campus proves a crucial objective. Having the opportunity to directly benefit students is very rewarding and has taught me a lot. This year I'm hoping we can expand RHA's role in the IC community by reaching out to more residents, starting new campus change initiatives and elevating the Hall Representative position.