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Meet the Executive Board

Irma Perez '17President

Irma Perez is a Junior, Integrated Marketing Communications Major and an LA native. She is a Resident Assistant in Eastman Hall, works at the post office, and serves as the President of RHA. She loves hiking, museums, plays, books, poetry, car rides, and adventuring. She loves sharing music and her music taste ranges from Sinatra to Biggie. If you are interested in joining RHA or are part of a student organization that would like to partner with RHA, please contact Irma at iperez1@ithaca.edu.

Matt Blezow '18, Vice President  

Matt Blezow is a Sophomore Television-Radio Major from Wyckoff, New Jersey. He is a Resident Assistant in Holmes Hall and is the Vice President of RHA. He is also involved on campus as a DJ on WICB, likes to work on ICTV shows, and enjoys editing music in ProTools. As the Vice President, Matt is responsible for working with the rest of the e-board to set the meeting agenda, and serves as the Parliamentarian during meetings.

Taulant Gashi '17, Treasurer

Taulant Gashi is a junior Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance and Management. He is originally from Kosovo, a country located in Southeastern Europe. This year H will be the treasurer of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). His hobbies include soccer, reading books, hiking and swimming. Please stop by Student Activities Center during his office hours to chat about anything you are interested in. 

Kaylynn Powell '18, Secretary

Kaylynn Marie Powell is from from Saratoga Springs, NY. She is a sophomore Spanish and Italian double major with educational studies minor. She is also the RA in Hood Hall on the third floor odd side. Going to the gorges is one of her favorite Ithaca pastimes, and she loves animals (specifically raccoons and giraffes)! She takes minutes for every RHA meeting; please do not hesitate to contact her at kpowell@ithaca.edu if you wish to receive them or if you have an idea for sustainably conscious events! 

Sal Puglisi '18, Director of Programming

Sal Puglisi is a sophomore economics major from Buffalo, NY, and the current Director of Programming.  He spends most of his time playing rugby, hiking, playing videogames, reading, and all the usual college-kid stuff. (He intentionally left out the part about being able to fly and immortality – he didn't want to brag.)

Menalie Hyde '18, Director of Advertising and Public Relations

Menalie Hyde is the Director of Advertising and Public Relations. She is a Communication Management and Design major with minors in Web Programming and Spanish. She hopes to apply what she learns in her major to her position in RHA. In her spare time, Menalie likes to run or play the ukulele. Her spirit animal is the Elephant Seal and she is looking forward to this semester of RHA!