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Recreational and Performance clubs are defined as clubs that are not necessarily traditional sports in nature and are based strongly around choreography and public performances.

The purpose of recreational and performance sport clubs is to provide a variety of diverse opportunities for members of the Ithaca College community to discover new athletic, performance or recreational based pursuits, or to continue them, within a safe and secure environment that coincides with their academic requirements.

Each recreational and performance club offers its own unique aspects that add to an individuals collegiate experience and benefit the Ithaca College community as a whole.

Recreational and performance clubs embody the Ithaca College commitment to providing its students with the opportunity to begin, or continue, exploring their widely varied interests.

Breakdown of Rec and Performance Clubs

Ithaca College’s recreational and performance based clubs currently encompass disciplines of classical instruction, various forms of modern and traditional dance and several Olympic sports and non-traditional sport clubs.

All Recreational and Sports Clubs

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Island Fusion is the first and only Afro-Caribbean dance team at Ithaca College. We are a team that promotes and encourages inclusivity and diversity and we represent not only our individual backgrounds but the Ithaca College community as well. We are well known on IC Campus and Cornell for performing at events, as well as hosting annual showcases. Our mission is to create a fun environment for members to dance, choreograph, and perform various styles of Afro-Caribbean and Hip Hop dances. We encourage any students from the IC community to audition for the team and can do so every semester!

For more information on Island Fusion please contact us at

Whether you've been dancing your entire life or you just want to have something fun to do with your friends once a week IC Ballroom is the place for you. Our organization has something for everyone.

Our club meets once a week to learn a variety of fun ballroom dances from salsa to tango. We welcome dancers of all levels. All we ask is that you bring socks and your enthusiasm.

If you are looking for something more serious consider auditioning for our competitive team. We meet several nights a week to learn moves and prepare for competitions. We compete in USA Dancesport competitions at Universities all across the North East.

The styles we compete in include:

  • Waltz
  • Tango
  • Foxtrot
  • Quickstep
  • Viennese waltz
  • Chacha
  • Rumba
  • Swing
  • Jive and
  • Mambo

In addition to competitions, we choreograph show dances to perform in dance showcases around campus.

For more information on Ballroom Dance please contact us as

Originating in New York City in the 1970s, and gaining great fame in the 1980s, breaking is perhaps the most well-known form of hip hop dance. It found its way to the Ithaca College sport club program in 2006-07 as ICBreakers was formed and became an official sport club. Now called Ground Up Crew ICBreakers has evolved into a group committed to developing not only members' break-dancing skills but also their cultural knowledge of Hip Hop.

Intended for both recreational and performance use, IC Breakers is open to all members of the Ithaca College community that are interested in break-dancing and learning more about the Hip Hop culture. Whether an experienced breaker or an individual with no previous experience, but a desire to learn, IC Breakers encourages individuals to join and experience not only the group but the culture.

For more information on Ground Up Crew please contact us at

One of the more recent additions to the Sport Club division of Recreational Sports, the Ithaca College Circus Club, or ICircus, has quickly grown to performance status and is dedicated to providing the Ithaca College community with a creative, safe and relaxed atmosphere to explore and express themselves through the circus arts. Established in December 2004, ICircus practices such arts as juggling, contact juggling, balancing, acrobatics, poi spinning, hula hooping, object manipulation, tumbling and is constantly looking for new skills to add to their performance repertoire."

Open to all members of the Ithaca College community, no tryouts are held, which espouses the club belief that all are welcome to come teach, learn, practice, and perform the various skills associated with the circus arts in a comfortable and constructive environment. In addition to pursuing these goals, the club strives to raise public awareness about the many benefits of the circus arts through performances and the teaching of circus skills.

All equipment used in practice or performance is reviewed by the club to determine its risk factor and the proper usage and handling of each piece is taught to every member of the club. Additionally, a monthly inspection record of all equipment is maintained and all participants are required to stretch and warm up prior to engaging in any club related activity to ensure the safety and health of all involved.

The performance season for ICircus runs the length of the academic calendar from September through May and all members of the College community are welcome to participate. No previous experience is necessary, only a desire to learn, support or teach the circus arts.

For more information on Circus please contact us at

Ithaca College Defenders (ICD) is a boxing club that brings people interested in boxing together so that everyone can learn from one another. No prior experience is needed. Join us to expand your knowledge and skill in the art of boxing.

For more information on IC Defenders please contact us at

Pulse Hip Hop is a competitive dance team at Ithaca College that emphasizes a primary focus on hip hop. There are approximately 15 members on the team, and anyone within the IC student community is able and encouraged to audition each semester. Although primarily focused on hip hop, Pulse welcomes other fusions of styles as well such as step, animation, house, African, and more, and is always looking for unique ways to incorporate a variety of different styles into hip hop.

For more information on Pulse please contact us at

IC Defy is a dance company focused on not only improving each individual involved but also helping the group as a whole. Together we explore and build upon skills in several different genres of dance. We find great power in encouraging all members through positive reinforcements and body positivity helping to redefine the stereotypical standards for dancers.

For more information on IC Defy Dance Co. please contact us at

IC Unbound is Ithaca College's oldest dance group on campus. IC Unbound features nearly 50 individuals performing in self-choreographed shows and at campus functions throughout the year. Open to all members of the Ithaca College community, IC Unbound encourages new members to join each semester and is always open to new styles of performance.

For more information on IC Unbound Dance Co. please contact us at

For more information on KATALYST please contact us at

The Outing Club strives for an inclusive and accessible community amongst individuals that want to get outside. Through outdoor activities, skill-building, and environmental stewardship, we build connections and stretch ourselves. Open to all levels of interest and abilities.

For more information on Outing please contact us at 

Step Team is a brand new club and excited about being on Campus! Come check us out!

For more information on D.O.P.E Steppers please contact us at

Founded in fall 2002, IC Tap Club is currently the only Ithaca College sport club dedicated to promoting the art form of tap dance through performance, the teaching of tap dance courses and the hosting of appearances by guest tap instructors. Since its inception twelve years ago, the club has become one of the hallmarks of the sports club program and has continued to grow in size, popularity, and stature. We are also currently one of the only dance clubs that does not require interested members to audition! We accept all dancers, at any level, to come to share our love of the art of tap dancing.

For more information on Tap Dance please contact us at

The IC Yoga Club is a place for people of all backgrounds and skill levels to come together and practice everything Yoga! For many people, Yoga is only what happens on the mat. However, Yoga is a practice constituted around the mind, the body, and the spirit. Our club meets weekly for an on-the-mat practice, followed by a discussion of Yogic philosophy and current events in the Yoga community, and ended with some time to relax and socialize!

For more information on Yoga please contact us at