Feed Your Competitive Spirit

Competitive and instructional sport clubs provide the opportunities to continue to compete at a high level against fellow institutions in the desired sports without the stringent practice and competition schedules associated with intercollegiate competition.

Each competitive and instructional club offers its own unique aspects that add to the collegiate athletic experience and provide valuable opportunities to connect with individuals from other areas of the country and the world in a fun and safe supportive environment which Ithaca College is committed to providing to its students.

Breakdown of Competitive and Semi-Competitive Sport Clubs

Included among the traditional competitive sport clubs are Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, and Volleyball as well as Softball, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, etc. Less traditional sports offered are Equestrian, Ski Team, Men's and Women's Ultimate Frisbee. Equestrian and ski racing are competitive on multiple levels, competing as a team as well as registering individual results during their competitions.

In addition to these sports, Ithaca College Cheerleading and Dance Team are also offered at a competitive level. While performance based in nature, these programs also attend competitions during the academic year. Following their performances during the football and basketball seasons, the two teams travel to a national competition each spring.

All Competitive Club Sports

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For more information on Baseball please contact us at icclubbaseball17@gmail.com.

Established in 2005, ICMB consists of student athletes competing each season on a regional level. We provide collegiate student-athletes with the opportunity to play competitive, organized college basketball, and to continually enhance this experience for all participants.

For more information on Men's Basketball please contact us at icclubhoops@gmail.com.

The Women’s Club Basketball team was created with the goal of providing an alternative to intercollegiate competition, and allows the College’s female students the opportunity to meet new people from other institutions while continuing to play basketball at a competitive level in conjunction with their studies.

Tryouts are held shortly before the first game of the season, usually in late September, with roster decisions being determined by coaches and club officers. A minimum of attendance at one practice per week is mandatory for participation. All home contests are played on campus at either the Ithaca College Fitness Center or Ben Light Gymnasium.

Each year a roster of about fifteen girls represent Women's Club Basketball at Ithaca College. We play competitively all over upstate New York in 30-40 games throughout the entire school year. We attend NIRSA regional and national tournaments which have been held in Boston, Columbus and Raleigh in the past. IC Women's Club Basketball is a competitive team committed to playing for the love of the game.

For more information on Women's Basketball please contact us at icwclubbball@gmail.com.

Formed in 2001, Ithaca College Cheerleading has become an established institution designed to support Ithaca College athletics and promote good sportsmanship. The team aims to strengthen an already solid school spirit and sense of pride in the college's athletic achievements.

Ithaca College Cheerleading is a nationally recognized program that competes in NCA Collegiate Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida, every year. They were proud to represent IC for the sixth time this year, placing 12th in All-Girl Division III. IC Cheer also cheers at home football game and men's and women's basketball games. They also participate in community service activities in the Ithaca area throughout the year.

The cheerleading team is open to both men and women, and ordinarily consists of 18-22 members with separate tryouts being held for the fall and spring semester. For more information, please visit the IC Cheerleading website at: http://ithacacollegecheer.wix.com/ithacacollegecheer

For more information on Cheerleading please contact us at ithacacollegecheerleading@gmail.com

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Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat @iccheerleading

Facebook: facebook.com/iccheerleading

The mission of the Ithaca College Equestrian Team is to promote teamwork and unity among riders, to advance individuals' riding skills, excel at horse shows, and show support to fellow team members as well as other teams.

Ithaca College Equestrian Team Website: www.ithaca.edu/orgs/equestrian

For more information on Equestrian please contact us at icequestrian1@ithaca.edu.

For more information on Esports please contact us at ithacacollegeesportsclub@gmail.com

Welcome to Ithaca College Fencing

The purpose of this organization will be to train and refine both new and experienced fencers. We provide the opportunity to compete regionally as well as hosting tournaments during the semester. We travel and compete regionally in both team and individual tournaments.

For more information on Fencing please contact us at ithacacollegefencing@gmail.com.

Welcome to Ithaca College Fencing

The purpose of this organization will be to train and refine both new and experienced fencers. We provide the opportunity to compete regionally as well as hosting tournaments during the semester. We travel and compete regionally in both team and individual tournaments.

For more information on Fencing please contact us at ithacaclubfieldhockey@gmail.com 

All are welcome whether you are a competitive skater or new to the sport! Our purpose is to provide students at IC with a fun and easy way to skate.

We love to skate! All are welcome whether you are a competitive skater or new to the sport! The purpose of our club is to provide students at IC with a fun and easy way to continue skating while in college. We will work together to practice as a team, to improve skills competitively and recreationally, and to compete and represent the school at local, regional and national competitions.

For more information on the Figure Skating Club please contact us at icfigureskating17@gmail.com.

Calling all golfers! The Ithaca Club Golf team is the place for golfers to continue playing while at IC. The team plays matches against nearby schools such as Binghamton and Cortland. Inter-squad competitions are held throughout the year to prepare for matches and for bragging rights. The team plays against Cortland each fall in for the “Cortaca Mug”.

Memberships are available at Trumansburg Golf Club, located 15 miles north of Ithaca College, where team members can play as much as they’d like at a steeply discounted rate. The golf club encourages players to practice throughout the week, with team practices Friday afternoons.

For more information on the Golf Club please contact us at ithacaclubgolf@gmail.com.

Ithaca hockey is a Division II ACHA club team also in the UNYCHL. This upstate New York league gives us the opportunity to travel and compete against quality teams throughout the state. Last year we finished 2nd in the division and advanced into the second round of the playoffs. This year, we plan to advance even further. We practice twice a week at "The Rink" in Lansing and play up to 20 games. Our information meeting is on September 6th at 7pm in Friends Hall: 203. We then begin tryouts the following Tuesday (9/11). If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to ithacahockey@gmail.com

The Men's Lacrosse Club is a competitive club that competes in the National Collegiate Lacrosse League.

For more information on Men's Lacrosse please contact us at icmensclublax@gmail.com.

The Women's Club Lacrosse team plays during both the fall and spring semester at Ithaca College. After holding tryouts, we have weekly practices and play a number of competitive games. Our goals are to work on fundamental skills of lacrosse, to have fun and to win. In the past, we have played Syracuse, Binghamton, Cortland, and Cornell among others. The club is open to all eligible members of the Ithaca College community. In 2007, they joined the Women's Division Intercollegiate Athletics league and expanded the range of club teams they play against.

For more information on Women's Lacrosse please contact us at icwclublax@gmail.com.

Initially geared towards providing stress relief from both work and school when it was first established in 2004, the Ithaca College Ping Pong Club has since developed into a semi-competitive organization that now takes part in competitive tournaments in the Northeast and Canada. Ithaca Ping Pong is currently a member of the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association and is one of 12 teams playing in the Upstate New York Division. Established in 1992, the NCTTA is the primary governing body for collegiate table tennis, promoting the sport in the United States and Canada, and works closely with the USA Table Tennis Association, the sports national governing body.

The Ithaca College Ping Pong Club currently consists of approximately 10 - 15 individuals and is open to all members of the Ithaca College community that are interested in the sport of ping pong, at any skill level. The club usually competes in two major tournaments each year, with one in each semester, and is active from September through May.

Feel free to follow us on Instagram @icpingpong or find us on Facebook at IC Ping Pong Club

For more information on the Ping Pong team contact us at icpingpong123@gmail.com

Quidditch is a full-contact, gender inclusive sport based on the sport played in the Harry Potter series. The sport involves 1 keeper, 3 chasers, 2 beaters, and a seeker for each team, as well as one snitch. Muggle Quidditch was started in 2005 and is rapidly growing in popularity, it is now being played all over the world.

For more information on Quidditch please contact us at ithaca.quidditch@gmail.com.

We are the Ithaca Men's Club Rugby team. We are a bunch of dudes that like to come together to have fun and compete. All are welcome! We are nationally ranked in both 15s and 7s, and we do not require any experience in the sport. Don't forget to follow us on social media!

Twitter Username: ICBombersRugby





For more information on Men's Rugby please contact us at icbombersrugby@gmail.com.


Annemarie Farrell


The Ithaca College Women's Rugby club, also know as the Renegades, formed in 1995. As a competitive sport club the Renegades are a member of the New York State Rugby Conference and compete at the Division II level. They also regularly compete in tournaments against teams from across the Northeast.

Open to all eligible members of the Ithaca College community, no prior rugby experience is necessary. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester and practices are held five days a week. Games take place on the weekends with an A and B side match. Rugby is becoming an increasingly popular sport in America, so come out and give it a try!

For more information on Women's Rugby please contact us at ithacacollegewomensrugby@gmail.com.

The Ithaca College Running Club is a club that allows students to run with a group without the competitive nature of participating in a collegiate sport. Club-level competitions are offered but are not required.

For more information on Running please contact us at icrunningclub17@gmail.com

One of the several Olympic sports on the roster of the Sport Clubs division of Recreational Sports, the Ithaca College Ski Racing club is one of 169 collegiate institutions, competing in 11 conferences nationwide, that are members of the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association. As a member of the Mideast Conference, the third-largest in the USCSA with 23 members, the Ithaca College Ski Racing club attends five meets each year beginning in early January and running through February against fellow conference institutions in the US Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association.

The Ithaca College Ski Racing Club is open to all eligible members of the Ithaca College community and accepts skiers of all abilities. The team consists of five varsity spots each for men and women for a total of 10 as well as two junior varsity spots available for both men and women. ICSR participates only in the Alpine Skiing competition featuring the Slalom and Giant Slalom.

For more information on Ski Team please contact icskiteam@gmail.com.


Phil Zell

Labrador Mountain

The Ithaca College Men's Club Soccer team competes in a fall league against schools in the central New York area in an effort to qualify for a regional and national tournament. In the winter the club team plays in an indoor league at a soccer facility in Lansing, NY. In the spring the club team schedules games against other schools in the central New York area.

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For more information on Men's Soccer please contact us at ithacaclubsoccer@gmail.com.

The Ithaca College Women’s Club soccer team, also known as the Wombats, is a top competing team in the region. Having placed first or second in their league each year for over ten years now, the team continues to make successful appearances at the Regional Tournament where they compete against other club teams from Division III and Division I schools.

The Wombats practice two to three times a week and have home and away games on the weekends. With much of the team returning for the Fall 2014 season, the Wombats are eager for a league title. If you are a passionate, dedicated, team soccer player then the Wombats is the team for you!

For more information on Women's Soccer please contact us at ithacawcs@gmail.com.


Andy Baker

The Ithaca College Club Softball team, known as the “Bomb Squad,” was formed in the Fall of 2004. We are a competitive team of 18-25 players that plays games in both the Fall and the Spring through the National Club Softball Association. In our last season, we competed against SUNY Oswego, Syracuse, and Cornell.

The season typically consists of 15 games against the teams within our conference, and other potential scrimmages throughout the season. We start our season in mid September with tryouts usually occurring after the Clubs and Organizations Fair in the first two weeks of school. Roster decisions will be announced prior to the first set of games and will be at the discretion of the e-board. We encourage people of all skill levels who are interested to come and try-out!

For more information on Club Softball please contact us at ithacaclubsoftball@gmail.com.

You can visit our web page with all our social media and other information here: https://ithaca.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/ithaca-club-softball.

Tennis Club is a new club that allows all skill sets to practice and enjoy the sport of tennis!

Club Tennis was established in the Fall of 2013 and prides itself on accepting all players of different skill levels as long as they have a passion for tennis. Throughout the semester, we aim to create the most convenient times for practices and meetings, raise money through creative and team-building fundraisers, and play competitively against schools who are also members of college tennis clubs throughout the area.

For more information on Club Tennis please contact us at tennisclubIC@gmail.com.

The 2018-19 Ithaca College Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, also known as Nawshus Ultimate, competed in 12 tournaments over the course of the year ranging in location from Ithaca, New York to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With the placement of 2nd at sectionals and tied for 7th at regional's, the 28-man roster looks to make another good run this upcoming year for a bid to nationals.

For more information on Men's Ultimate please contact us at ithacanawshus@gmail.com.

Kweezy is Ithaca College's only Women's Ultimate Frisbee team. Founded in 2003, it has developed tremendously in a short amount of time. The team currently has 19 members and still growing. In spring 2005, Kweezy received a bid for Regionals in the College Ultimate Series. In fall 2009, placed first in the Buffalo Tournament and second in the RIT tournament losing only to an older and more experienced club team.

Kweezy has won games over Geneseo, Buffalo, Cornell B, and U of R within the past year. The players bring a lot of fun and spirit into the game and pride themselves on starting the largest multi-team dance party during the University of Edinoboro's Boro Bash Tournament in spring 2006. Kweezy also has been awarded "best spirit" two years in a row when attending JMU's Hellfhish Bonanza in the spring of 2008 and 2009.

For more information on Women's Ultimate Frisbee please contact us at kweezyultimate@gmail.com.

One of the more tenured members of the College’s sports club program, the Ithaca College Men’s Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for male members of the College community to play competitive volleyball against colleges, universities and other institutions regularly at local, regional and national levels. Our club begins preparations for the upcoming season in late September/early October with tryouts for any interested Ithaca College students. Roster decisions are made by the executive board following tryouts and attendees should be notified within a week of the final tryout date. Practices are held twice weekly in Ithaca College’s Hill Center and run the length of the season from the start of October through mid-April.

For more information on Men's Volleyball please contact us at icmensvolleyball@gmail.com

The Ithaca College Women’s Club Volleyball team offers the opportunity for female students to continue to play highly competitive volleyball against fellow club teams from other institutions without the extensive practice and competition schedule associated with intercollegiate athletics. Currently ICWCV is a member of the Northeast Women’s Volleyball Club League which was established in the 1999-2000 season with only eight members. With rapid growth over the past six years, the NWVCL is currently comprised of 48 club teams.

We attend 4-6 tournaments per semester, including a national tournament in the spring semester. Points earned during tournaments add up to give each team a national ranking based on the NCVB Women’s League. Our coaches for this semester are Madeline Horowitz and Danielle Linz.

For more information on Women's Volleyball please contact us at icwcvb@gmail.com.