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Who we are: The Student Government Association is the representative body of Ithaca College students. We function as a liaison between the student body and the administration. When the administration is seeking the opinions of students in order to make an important decision, they turn to the SGA.

What we do: We make formal recommendations to the administration based on things we have been hearing from our peers. The administration does not only turn to us but we also take your views and perspectives directly to them for consideration.

How to get involved: Meetings are held every Monday night in the Taughannock Falls meeting room on the third floor of Campus Center. They begin at 7:30pm and are open to the public.


Recent News:

The current Ithaca College SGA Executive Board was notified within the last hour about the resignation of our Vice President of Business and Finance. Just as this is a recent development for the student body; this is also recent news to the Executive Board, the Senate and our Advisor. We ask that student organizations that have immediate questions regarding the Appropriations Committee please contact

Although this is a significant change in leadership, one thing has not changed… The Executive Board is still committed to providing a professional experience for student organizations during the allocation process. The Appropriations Committee is one of our opportunities to meet with students and hear about their work and passions on our campus. We will strive in the coming weeks to hear your concerns. We are still committed to the guidance of the student voice in all of our decisions—and will do so when finding a new Vice President of Business and Finance to join our team. Our Executive Board feels incredibly privileged to serve this community. It is our service not our titles that compel us to do this work. During this academic year, we have every intention on fulfilling the promises we made to the Ithaca College community last spring. 

Thank you for your patience during this transition.