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Frequently Asked Questions

May apply for two different positions? 

Yes. However, you will need to fill out two election packets and give two different platform speeches.


If I am running for two positions can the same person sign both forms?

It is highly suggested that you do not have the same people sign both sheets. The constituents for one position are often not the same as the ones for another position.


Can I do a powerpoint for my platform presentation?

Unfornately, we cannot accommodate powerpoint presentations at this time. Sorry for the inconvience. 


Do I have to dress up for my presentation?

No, you don't have to, but you may if you want.


Where is the Student Activities Center?

The Student Activities Center is located on the third floor of Egbert Hall or what many still consider to be a part of Campus Center. If you take the stairs located next to the Campus Center Dining Hall to the third floor, the SAC is located to the left just after the double doors at the stop of the stairs. You can ask the Student Leadership Consultant (SLC) currently working on the desk to point you to the Student Government Association office. If no one is currently in the office and you are dropping off your complete elections packer, please hand it to the SLC.


If your questions remain unanswered please email sga@ithaca.edu.