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VP of Campus Affairs

Aaron Lipford

Aaron Lipford

As a rising senior at Ithaca College (IC), I have spent several years on IC’s campus involved within various student-led organizations and seen the amazing changes that students have done on campus. However, the changes that students want and need on campus still must occur. As a member of the general student body, I have observed how a student’s voice is necessary for campus change to happen. Through an active, passionate Student Government Association, students’ voices can be collected and directed to the administration. This can be used as not only a insurance of the presence of the student opinion in critical decisions, but also a means to hold the administration accountable for those decisions As a president of a student organization, a student worker, and fellow student, I have participated in many of the on-campus activities that our student community holds. It is through this participation that I have learned about student needs and developed a way to not only listen but use these ideas to take action. I have gained experience in how the college operates and the critical function that students have in creating the campus climate and life at Ithaca College. Being an SGA Executive Board member is  a chance for me to use my own experience as well as other student’s experience to make a difference on campus. It is  a chance to work toward all that students want their campus to be. By increasing awareness of campus issues to IC's administration, SGA can be a force that students can use to get their point of view shown and heard. As Vice President of Campus Affairs, I will make it my goal and role in SGA to create events and outreach programs to propagate the student experience and ensure that our feedback is used and applied towards campus change."

If you have any questions for Aaron, you can message him or email him at sgacampusaffairs@ithaca.edu!