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VP of Campus Affairs

Willa Erickson, Vice President of Campus Affairs

Willa Erickson

As a senior at Ithaca College, I have spent several years on campus witnessing many examples of effective student activism. However, the student body is in need of further develop into a more unified and organized group. Through an attentive and dedicated Student Government, students at large have a direct channel to the administration, which can be used to ensure the presence of the student voice in critical decisions.

My on-campus activities have been geared towards matching my interests in communications with community development and social justice. As a member of the Executive Boards of both Sister 2 Sister and the IC Journal of Culture, Race, Gender, and Ethnicity as well as my job as an Operations Manager at Campus Center and Events Services, I have gained useful experience in the way the college operates and the important roles student organizations fill in the creation of campus climate and student life. As a Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar, I have learned the importance of remaining conscious of the issues relevant in my community and doing the work needed to address those issues.

Being on the SGA Executive Board is a chance for me to apply years of experience in different areas of student life on campus towards increasing the amount of interaction between the student body, SGA and IC's administration. As VP of Campus Affairs, it is my goal to use SGA events and outreach efforts as a platform for strengthening the role of SGA in the community and simplify how information is spread and how the feedback we gather is being applied and not just gathered.