Welcome to Ithaca College!

We know that going to college—even a different college—can be simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming. Summer Orientation is here to help all our new and transfer students navigate this significant transition in an intentional way, including:

  • Meeting new friends and learning about campus life
  • Educational workshops and unique social events
  • Gaining exposure to academic and social challenges ahead
  • Meeting with a faculty advisor to start building an educational plan
  • Registering for your first semester of classes

Family members are also invited to attend orientation for a unique family-focused experience.

What actually happens at orientation?

Orientation is a great time to hear stories from current students and to become familiar with Ithaca College before the semester starts. Students also register for classes during their orientation session.  Review our sample orientation schedules to get an idea of how your day(s) will look:

  • New Student Orientation Schedule (updated in spring 2015)
  • Transfer Orientation Schedule (updated in spring 2015)