Orientation Faculty and Staff

Orientation Faculty and Staff

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Summer Faculty AdvisorsSummer Faculty Advisors
Students will have the opportunity to meet with advisors from their respective schools to talk about academic requirements and register for classes.

School of Humanities and Sciences:

Jennifer Muller, Anthropology

Paul Wilson, Art History

David Gondek, Biology

Janet Hunting, Chemistry

Vincent DeTuri, Chemistry

Scott Thomson, Communication Studies

Sharon Stansfield, Computer Science

Ali Erkan, Computer Science

Dan Breen, English

Jake Brenner, Environmental Studies and Science

Jason Hamilton, Environmental Studies and Science

Chris Sinton, Environmental Studies and Science

Mary Ann Erickson, Gerontology

Karin Breuer, History

Stan Seltzer, Math

Sergio Pedro, Modern Languages

James Pfrehm, Modern Languages

Craig Duncan, Philosophy/Religion

Tatiana Patrone, Philosophy/Religion

Juan Arroyo, Politics

Kelly Dietz, Politics

Jessye Cohen-Filipic, Psychology

Ann Lynn, Psychology

Judith Pena-Shaff, Psychology

Ruth Barber, Theatre Arts

Angela Branneman, Theatre Arts

Norman Johnson, Theatre Arts

Paula Murray Cole, Theatre Arts

Colin Stewart, Theatre Arts

Jim Stafford, Writing

Thomas Girshin, Writing

Adam Walden, Writing


School of Health Science and Human Performance:

Kyle Woody, Sport Management and Media

Annemarie Farrell, Sport Management and Media

Jan Monroe, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Linda Heyne, Recreation and Leisure Studies-

Mike Buck, Physical Therapy

Steve Lahr, Physical Therapy

Chris McNamara, Physical Therapy

John Winslow, Physical Therapy

Katherine Beissner, Physical Therapy

Jessica Taves, Occupational Therapy

Julie Dorsey, Occupational Therapy

Carole Dennis, Occupational Therapy

Diane Long, Occupational Therapy

Lynn Gitlow, Occupational Therapy

Julie Boles, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Phoebe Constantinou, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Deborah Wuest, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Luanne Andersson, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Jana Waller, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Frank Micale, Exercise and Sport Science

Betsy Keller, Exercise and Sport Science

Courtney Gray, Exercise and Sport Science

Mike Matheny, Exercise and Sport Science


School of Music:

Keith Kaiser, Music Education

Randie Blooding, Performance Studies

James Mick, Music Education

Richard Faria, Performance Studies

Sarah Haefeli, Music Theory, History, and Composition

Peter Silberman, Music Theory, History, and Composition 


School of Business:

Joseph Cheng, Financial and International Business 

Alison Shields, Marketing and Law

Gwen Seaquist, Legal Studies

Alka Bramhandkar, Finance and International Business

Warren Schlesinger, Accounting

Duncan Duke, Management

Narges Kasiri, Management

 Hormoz Movassaghi, Finance and International Business

Roy H. Park School of Communications

Bryan Roberts, Associate Dean

April Johanns, Studnt and External Relations

Jack Bryant, Cinema & Photography

Dennis Charsky, Communication Management & Design 

Marlena Grzaslewicz, Cinema & Photography

Scott Hamula, Integrated Marketing Communications

Peter Johanns, Television-Radio

Mead Loop, Documentary Studies

Matt Mogekwu, Journalism

Elisabeth Nonas, Cinema & Photography

Jack Powers, Television-Radio

James Rada, Journalism

Devan Rosen, Emerging Media

Steve Skopik, Cinema & Photography