Placement Exams

QL Readiness and Mathematics Placement ExamQL Readiness and Mathematics Placement Exam
All new and transfer students take the QL Readiness and Mathematics Placement exam.

As part of the IC Integrated Core Curriculum, all new and transfer students must take the online Quantitative Literacy (QL) Readiness and Mathematics Placement Exam prior to attending your orientation session.

Students will have access to this exam once they activate their Netpass (IC email) accountThis information will be mailed to your home address starting in April.

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Helpful Tips:

  • Set up your Netpass (IC email account) at least 24 hours before taking the exam.
  • Review the study guide and sample exam on the math placement and quantitative literacy exam website.
  • Set aside two hours to take this exam.
  • You must take this exam at a computer (not on a mobile device) that has access to a high-speed Internet connection. If this is a problem, notify the Math Department in advance of summer orientation to make alternative arrangements.
  • If you have technical trouble activating your email account or taking the exam, please contact the Information Technology Services Helpdesk at (607) 274-1000.
  • You may use a calculator during this exam. You should also have scrap paper available.
  • Students planning to major in mathematics or the sciences are advised to review trigonometry, logarithms, and exponents.
  • Concepts related to quantitative literacy include but are not limited to measurement, logic, number sense, percentages, and graphical representation of data and information.
  • When you come to your orientation session, your advisor will explain the results of your placement exam. Detailed information is also available on the QL and Mathematics Readiness website.
Transfer Students:
All new transfer students are required to take the QL Readiness and Mathematics Placement exam as part of their Integrative Core Curriculum requirement.