Residential Life Guide

Openings, Closings, and Breaks

All residence halls except for the Circle and Garden Apartments, Terrace 03 and Boothroyd Hall, are closed during Thanksgiving and Spring break. All residence halls except for the Circle and Garden Apartments are closed during Winter break. Terrace 03 and Boothroyd Hall remain open for the part of Winter break that the college remains open. All residence halls except for the Circle Apartments are closed during the Summer break.

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to each break, all on-campus residents will receive a Closing Notice that will detail the specific closing procedures and requirements for the upcoming break. If you live in a closed residence hall, you must vacate your room for the duration of the break. To assist our residents with travel planning, the Residence Hall Opening and Closing Dates are published well in advance.

Students found in a closed Residence Hall and unapproved students found in an open Residence Hall or apartment after the published closing time are subject to immediate removal from the building, judicial action, and a $100.00 fine. Similarly, students who fail to check out of their rooms by the required check-out time are subject to judicial action and a $100.00 fine.

All rooms and apartments will be inspected by staff during breaks to ensure compliance with closing procedures, health and safety regulations, and Residential Life rules and regulations. Violators are subject to judicial action.