As a residential college committed to students’ on campus living experience, multiple accommodations exist to ensure we can meet your housing needs. If you require an accommodation, complete one of the processes below as early as possible. Housing options may vary based on time of year and availability.

How to Submit a Request

Our office also has a close partnership with Student Accessibility Services for housing accommodations due to a diagnosed disability. Please complete and submit a Disability/Accessibility Housing Accommodation Request form as soon as is possible. Your request will need to be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., medical records).

Your request will be reviewed by the Office of Student Accessibility Services and if a housing accommodation is approved, the Office of Residential Life will be notified. The goal of this review is to provide an on-campus housing accommodation that best meets your need.

Spring 2021 Process

Students who require a new/updated housing accommodation for Spring 2021 due to a documented disability should contact sas@ithaca.edu to schedule a time to speak with an SAS specialist as soon as possible. For full consideration, students should speak to SAS no later than 11/20/20 and have all of the required supporting documentation sent to SAS by 11/30/20. 

Students with a documented disability who need an accommodation related to move-in should also follow the process above. 

Students who complete this request after these dates may have their request wait listed until space becomes available.

We work closely with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life to understand and meet your needs. Students may request a religious accommodation in housing around their religious practice or belief. If you have a housing need, you may review the full process and complete a request form with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Students who identify as transgender or outside of the gender binary may request an accommodation two ways. You may simply call our office at 607-274-3141 or submit the Transgender and Non-binary Housing Request form. The request form is voluntary and we will work with you to meet your housing needs, regardless of whether you decide you fill out the online form.