ICC - Complementary Liberal Arts in H&S (for students matriculating in Fall 2013 and after)

Declaring a CLA Option

After your first semester, but before the end of your fourth semester, you should meet with your academic advisor in order to review and discuss your plans for completing the H&S Complementary Liberal Arts credits. Once you have settled on an option, you will complete the H&S CLA Planning Statement. You will submit this Planning Statement to the H&S Dean’s office and you will include this information in your electronic portfolio.

The Planning Statement must be on file by the end of your fourth semester at the College if you matriculated as a freshman.  If you enter IC as a transfer student, your Statement must be on file by the end of your first year at the College.

If you select a second major as your CLA, you must also complete and submit a Change/Addition of School/Major/Adviser form; if you select a minor as your CLA, you must also complete and submit a Registration for/Cancellation of Minor/Concentration form (available from the registrar's website). Submitting the CLA Planning Statement does not automatically register you in either a major or minor.

If you select the “Self-Designed Suite of Courses” option, you are expected to identify up to eight relevant liberal arts courses that you can reasonably expect to be offered during your time at the College (note that listing a course does not guarantee you a seat); these Planning Statements will also be reviewed by the H&S General Education Committee.

Remember that your CLA option has to include a minimum of 12 liberal arts credits that are not required for your primary major, are taken for a letter grade in a department outside of your primary major, and are not A.P., I.B., CLEP, or transfer credits (except as part of an approved minor or major or if taken as part of an approved study abroad program).

If you decide to change your CLA option after you have submitted the Planning Statement, you must file an amended form.

You will include the Planning Statement (and any subsequent amendments) in your electronic learning portfolio; you will also include examples of work from some of the courses that you take to fulfill your CLA. During the capstone experience of the ICC, you will reflect upon the CLA, using the accumulated evidence from your courses.

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