These pages are intended to be a resource for, and to facilitate the work of, faculty and staff in the School of Humanities and Sciences. Here you can find information about:

  • Curriculum Committee, proposals, and processes
  • Experiential learning 
  • Business guidelines and procedures

If you have questions or comments about the content and documents available on this site, please contact the dean's office at (607) 274-3102 or by email.

Please use the email accounts listed below for the types of communication indicated:

  • is for general messages to the Dean's office.  [For confidential matters, please email the Dean or appropriate party personally.]
  • is for communications related to experiential learning, including independent study and internships, grant programs (Emerson internships, Goldwater Scholarship, Student Conference Fund, Summer Scholars Program).
  • is for communications related to curriculum, catalog, and assessment activities.
  • is for H&S students’ submission of CLA Planning Statement forms for review and processing as well as for questions about H&S CLA requirements, or issues relating to the General Education Committee or the H&S capstone course IISP 49800.
  • is for communications related to course scheduling and classroom assignments.
  • is for all general communications relating to student advising, including pre-registration and registration issues, and questions about waiver/substitutions, degree evaluations, change of major, etc.
  • is for communications related to that particular issue.

Of course, you can also direct your emails to individual dean’s office staff members. Specific information about dean’s office staff, their titles, and areas of responsibility can be found on the H&S dean’s office staff page.