Resources for Faculty and Staff

Questions? See how you can get in touch via email:
  • is for general messages to the Dean's office.  [For confidential matters, please email the Dean or appropriate party personally.]
  • is for communications related to credit-bearing internships and grant programs (Emerson internships, Goldwater Scholarship, Summer Scholars Program).
  • is for communications related to curriculum, catalog, and assessment activities.
  • is for H&S students’ submission of CLA Planning Statement forms for review and processing as well as for questions about H&S CLA requirements, or issues relating to the General Education Committee or the H&S capstone course IISP 49800.
  • is for communications related to course scheduling and classroom assignments.
  • is for all general communications relating to student advising, including pre-registration and registration issues, and questions about waiver/substitutions, degree evaluations, change of major, individualized study, etc.
  • is for communications related to that particular issue.