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Current Fred L. Emerson Collaboration Award Recipients

Fall 2013

Emily Gallik '15 (History) The Status in Education of Women in English Humanist Circles: Thomas Elyot's The Defence of Good Women (1540). In collaboration with Robert Sullivan, associate professor, communication studies

Emily will collaborate with Prof. Sullivan to produce a diplomatic edition of Thomas Elyot’s The Defence of Good Women, with the ultimate goal of publication. This project will contribute to Prof. Sullivan’s study of Elyot and his interest in producing modern critical editions of remaining unedited Elyot texts. This work will assist Emily with her senior thesis with the History department by providing preliminary research material.

Summer 2013

Zachary Krowiak '14 (English) A Student in Interpretation: Critical and Theoretical Approaches to Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. In collaboration with Hugh Egan, professor, English

Zachary will collaborate with Prof. Egan to assemble a digital archive for a seminar on Moby Dick. This project will require a wide variety of critical thought on novel organized by theoretical fields, which will require research of the writings by various theorists. The research and findings will be utilized by Prof. Egan to approach questions of language, metaphysics, otology, and other topics in the novel. Zachary will use this work as part of his honors thesis.

Spring 2013

Grace Wivell '13 (English, teaching) Leading and Learning: An Exploration of Student-Led Courses within the Humanities. In collaboration with Elizabeth Bleicher, associate professor, English

Grace will collaborate with Prof. Bleicher in researching the experiences and challenges associated with student-led one credit courses within the Humanities. This will be part of a larger project coordinated by Prof. Bleicher, which explores the differences between student-led and professor-led film and literature courses on student engagement. Grace will be responsible for finding, reading, and synthesizing research on the subject of student-led courses.

Ruth Jackson '13 (Writing) Developing the ICC E-Learning Portfolio for the Writing Department. In collaboration with Susan Adams Delaney, assistant professor, writing and Mary Lourdes Silva, assistant professor, writing

Ruth will collaborate with Prof. Delaney and Prof Silva to exam her past and present written works to analyze the affect on her life as a Deaf writing major. They will work to develop an e-portfolio model to help students understand the connection between what they have learned within the classroom and their practical experiences.

Summer 2012

Zachary LeViere ’13 (History major, Politics and Economics minors) Amir Khan: A Freebooter in Colonial India. In collaboration with Jason Freitag, associate professor, history

Zachary will combine a review of archival material with library research in support of Prof. Freitag's research project on 19th century politics in British India, specifically focusing on the events surrounding the poisoning of Rajput princess Krishnakamuri, and the role played by Amir Kahn, a leader of the Pindaris, a northwestern Indian group opposed to Rajput rule.

Christopher Warren Accardo ’13 (English and Religious Studies) The World and Fiction of Ernest Hemingway. In collaboration with Michael Stuprich, associate professor, English

Christopher will collaborate with Prof. Stuprich in a three-part project about the life and work of Ernest Hemingway. In addition to assisting Prof. Stuprich in his effort to recreate Hemingway’s American fishing narrative as recorded in “Big Two Hearted River, Pt. I,” Christopher will participate in the development of a syllabus for Prof. Stuprich's new senior seminar on Hemingway, to be offered in fall 2012, and will also begin writing his senior honors thesis on Hemingway's works.

Spring 2012

Ranu Nath '12 (Politics major, Religious Studies minor) Religion: The Game. In collaboration with Rachel Wagner, associate professor, Religion

Ranu will collaborate with Prof. Wagner on her new book project on the relationship between religion and the gaming culture. Ranu will research topics with a focus on Islam and gaming, and will work on developing an annotated bibliography, contacting scholars in the field, and co-writing a research paper.

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