Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

The Anthropology Department strives to provide its majors, other students, and the broader community at Ithaca College the means to understand cultural and biological differences among human groups, and challenge the Ithaca College community to use this knowledge for the betterment of humanity through research, additional education, service learning and personal commitment to human equality.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Anthropology Department is: (1) to educate students about the diversity of the world’s contemporary cultures, the archaeological record, and the evolution and biological diversification of the human species; (2) to teach students the basic research methodologies and theories that underlie the anthropological study of past and present human societies; (3) to give students practical experience in the use of anthropological knowledge and methods through the pursuit of original ethnographic, applied or archaeological research; (4) to impart important skills in writing, critical thinking, research and analysis that will allow students to be effective citizens of the global community.

The department strives to meet these goals in the context of a personalized approach to education, where the faculty provides small classes, hands-on opportunities and one-to-one interaction with students.  The department believes such an approach fosters a strong sense of community between students and faculty that benefits the educational process.

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