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Internships are a great way to get experience in your chosen field. The real-life environment puts your skills to the test and challenges you to grow academically, personally, and professionally. As environmental studies and sciences majors you're encouraged to participate in an internship during your academic career. Internships are always important resume builders, and make you more marketable during job hunts. They can also be really fun! Take a look at what ENVS students are doing and have done in the past!

Lauren Krug: Animal Care Intern at Marine Biological Lab

Lauren spent her summer interning at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. Her daily duties included doing water quality testing, cleaning and maintaining tanks, feeding specimens (which included everything from sharks to skates), and helping out with necropsies and animal care. She also c0-designed an experiment that tested the food preference in post-larval American lobsters based on their olfactory preference (sense of smell while they were in the water). 

Anna Funck: Program Assistant at CUSLAR

Anna is a Program Assistant at the Committee on US-Latin American Relations for the 2010-2011 academic year. At CUSLAR she is responsible for website maintenance, the publication of an online weekly newsletter, and an eco-justice campaign. Anna is an environmental studies major, with a concentration in agriculture and Latin American culture. At CUSLAR she's able to integrate her academic studies with real global issues that we face today, such as food justice and resource extraction in the Americas.

Victor Shelden: Intern at e4 LEED consultant company

Over the summer of 2010 Victor interned with e4, an LEED consultant firm based in Manhattan. e4 helps with planning and executing building projects in order to achieve LEED certification. The process by which a building project gets LEED certified is extraordinarily arduous and detailed, so it helps to have a consultant who knows the LEED certification system in and out to help. Victor was primarily working on the Lighting Density of one particular building project. He was essentially looking at reflected ceiling plans for each floor, and determining the light fixtures and their wattages. He then calculated the watts per square foot of each room, hallway, closet, and lobby to determine whether or not it was over-lit. To even be considered for LEED certification, a building's lighting density must be 10% better than the current ASHRAE standard. More points are then awarded for lower lighting densities. The rest of the summer Vic worked with Primitive Pursuits Summer Camp in Ithaca.

Jenny Moore: Youth in the Great Outdoors, US Fish & Wildlife Services

During the summer of 2010, Jenny worked through the Department of the Interior with the US Fish and Wildlife Services in Washington, D.C. She was part of their new youth office called Youth in the Great Outdoors. Jenny participated in various projects that were generated to educate youth about the natural world around them. An example of the programs that Jenny participated in is the America's Great Outdoors Listening Sessions that were held internationally all summer. In this program, the Youth in the Great Outdoors team surveyed young people about how much they knew about their natural surroundings, and tried to get them to be more motivated to participate in outdoor activities. Through the internship, Jenny got first-hand experience in a government agency and national environmental policy and programming.


Ren Ostry: Environmental Leadership and Actions Network (ELAN)

Last semester Ren was in Washington DC for the Greenpeace Semester, an training program focused on grassroots organizing and nonviolent direct-action. She's currently involved in recruitment for Powershift and on a steering committee for a Youth Power Summit in greater Ithaca to be announced soon! She's an intern with the Dorothy Cotton Institute, a program that trains educators in racism and human rights with the hope that they integrate the teachings into the classroom.



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