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Ithaca College's Permaculture Garden

Ithaca College students cultivate a new Permaculture Garden located next to Williams Hall, full of fresh herbs, vibrant  plants, and some leafy green vegetables.  This past summer, Environmental Studies student Madison Vander Hill '13, spent her summer planning, maintaining, and harvesting in the permaculture garden.  The Permaculture Garden has been highlighted in both Ithaca College's Fuse Magazine on June 15, 2012 and the Ithacan, Ithaca College's student-run newspaper, on September 5th, 2012. 

To read Fuse Magazine's article about the Permaculture Garden follow this link... http://fuse.ithaca.edu/growing-season-31936/

Watch this video posted in the Ithacan to learn more about the Permaculture Garden.


Studying Belize in Belize: Hands-on Experience

Professor Susan Allen-Gil's Rainforests, Reefs and Ruins course spent three weeks over winter break experiencing culture, economics, biodiversity, and history of  Belize. This course was highlighted in Ithaca College's Fuse Magazine in March, 2011.

Here is a link to the Fuse Magazine Article to learn more!


Here's a link to some beautiful photos of Belize!



Tapping into the Land: Course Offers Hands-on Experience Making and Selling Natural Products

The course Natural Resources and Ecology: Farming the Forest taught by Professor Jason Hamilton has gotten press in the Ithacan on March 23, 2011. This course offers students the chance to not only produce their own maple syrup but also produce, market and sell mushrooms and honey. Taught by Jason Hamilton, associate professor of environmental studies and science, the course has only been around this semester, but variations have existed for more than five years. Students in the class begin their class work indoors, growing oyster mushrooms. In February and March, students tap, boil and produce their own maple syrup. As the weather warms, students this semester will begin to grow shiitake mushrooms outdoors and build beehives for beekeeping and honey production. Most all of the products grown by the students are then marketed and sold based on current prices. Hamilton said besides the practical knowledge of growing and marketing, he hopes students will take away a deeper understanding of how to use resources around them later in life.

For more information speak with Jason Hamilton or visit the class blog http://icntfp.blogspot.com/.



 One of the many faces of the Commitment to Change sculpture on the academic quad.  The artwork was created by Seth Davidson ' 10, Alyia Bettman '10, Nathaniel Meader '10, and Andrew Bradshaw '10 after the team won the 1st Annual C2C Sculpture Competition. The piece consists of a ring of paper mache bodies around a mound of recyclables.  The art demonstrates that the life span of our trash is significantly greater than our own.  As the paper mache bodies melt and disappear the bottles will remain. Commitment to Change is financed through an HSBC grant and provides funding for internships, fellowships and staffing.

Here's the link:


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