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Here's a list of possible ways to fund your education, research or internship projects, and study abroad experiences!

  •  ENVS Student Career Development Internship and Research Grant Program

Generous donations from ENVS alums, parents and friends have allowed us to create a competitive grant program to support students with developing sustainability skills, obtaining professional development experience and conducting research while at IC – all activities that will help further careers after graduation.Students can apply for up to $500 per project, and can use funds for the following:

  1. Transportation or registration fees to attend workshops
  2. Transportation to participate in cultural immersion projects or study abroad programs
  3. Living expenses when students are working unpaid internships
  4. Purchase of supplies and materials for research projects.

Click here for application instructions.


  • Dana Student Internship

The Dana program provides educationally relevant opportunities for highly qualified students with financial need. The Dana student work experience takes place during the academic year and/or over the summer. Students may work during the academic year with faculty on special projects or in the local community in not-for-profit organizations. A summer program may also include corporate settings outside the area. Applicants may be current freshmen, sophomores, or juniors who demonstrate financial need. Application must be made annually through the financial aid office. Awards range from $2,545 during the academic year to as much as $3,635 for full-time summer internships. A portion of the award is paid directly to the student over the course of the summer or academic year with the remainder applied to the student's College account. Originally established through a grant from the Charles A. Dana Foundation, the program is intended to help students discover new academic directions while reducing their loan burden.


GPA 3.0 or higher

Dana placements are awarded only to students currently receiving need-based financial aid from Ithaca College. Awards are generally limited to current freshman, sophomore, and junior students. Student applicants must complete and submit a Dana Internship Proposal Application with two faculty references to the Financial Aid office by the February deadline. Faculty proposals must be completed and returned to the Office of the Provost before the February deadline.

Applications are available at /provost/fd/danastudentinternshipprog, as well as at the Office of Financial Aid.

Proposed projects for Dana Student Interns are invited. These would be projects you would supervise involving a learning/research/work activity important to you, the student, and Ithaca College. You may submit a project proposal for summer or for the next academic year. The application at is due in the Office of the Provost/VPAA in February. Notification of project acceptance and identification of an interested student will occur by May 1 or earlier if possible.

Over 1,000 students have been served in excellent projects during the fourteen year history of the Dana Student Internship Program. The Dana Program is designed to provide financial assistance to students with financial need through their involvement in educationally valuable work experiences. Dana placements are awarded only to students currently receiving need-based financial aid from Ithaca College. These students may be awarded Dana Internships in addition to other forms of financial aid. Awards are highly competitive and are generally limited to current freshman, sophomore, and junior students with a 3.0 GPA or above. In addition to approving a Dana applicant proposal, the Financial Aid Office representatives on the Dana Review Group determine degrees of eligibility.

The Dana Review Group also reviews projects submitted by faculty, staff, or external sponsors. In the past, several faculty proposals have had strong projects approved, but have not been assigned students because a "match" was not available. To increase the probability of a successful match between a faculty proposal and an eligible student, you are encouraged to discuss your proposal with one or more students who might be eligible, and to have the student(s) coordinate their applications with the faculty proposals. Students seeking internships must submit their application to the Financial Aid Office before the February deadline. In order to ensure a fair review, the Dana Review Group will continue to evaluate the qualifications of student applicants separately from project proposals, but the "match" is obviously much more identifiable if the faculty member and the student have planned together.

The Review Group looks for:

Educational value of the experience, A plan for active mentoring by the supervisor, Variety and range of student learning (e.g., is the student learning about a large issue or a complex organization, as well as about his or her own assignment?) and situations in which the student can "own" part of the work, taking personal credit for some product or reflecting through further studies, the nature of the disciplines involved.

  • Thomas Morrin Jones Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a senior who has financial need; is majoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or some combination of the sciences; and who, through his or her academic work and community activities, best exemplifies a commitment to the liberal arts and the tradition of social service as personified by Thomas Morrin Jones.

For other IC scholarships, applicable to all majors check out: /catalogs/ug0607/studentaid/ithaca_college_programs.php


Outside Grants

National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Fellowships are a benefit primarily for enrolled campuses and, especially, for enrolled campuses that have applied to earn the designation of NWF Climate Champion. NWF Campus Ecology Fellows confront global warming on their individual campuses by committing to reduce net emissions on campus by 30% by 2020, approximately 2% per year. Fellows also help to educate and engage the campus community on global warming impacts and solutions.

This grant will be made available to any student enrolled on any spring semester study abroad program (excluding non-affiliated programs), as per the College's policies. Grant total will be $500.00.

A Young Explorers Grants Program, aimed at individuals ages 18 to 25, has been launched by the National Geographic Society, with support from Lindblad Expeditions, the nation's pioneer in expedition travel to remote and locations. Twenty-five to 50 grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 will be provided each year to a select number of young adults who apply. Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of National Geographic's existing grant-making bodies - the Committee for Research and Exploration, the Expeditions Council and the Conservation Trust. Grants will be made in fields traditionally supported by National Geographic, such as archaeology, wildlife biology, conservation and adventure. Contact Alison Reeves (Publicity Manager, Communications Division of National Geographic Society) at 202-857-7793 or

The Do Something Plum Grant is available to students, age 25 or under, who are social entrepreneurs. You must have recently created a sustainable project, program or organization. One winner is selected every week and winning projects will be highlighted on Equal to $500



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