Psychology Minor

Psychology is a popular minor at Ithaca College, with approximately 115 students in the minor at any given time. As a psychology minor, you will learn about the findings of psychological research and about how psychologists do scientific research. 

Basic Information about the Psychology Minor

  • Requirements for the psychology minor
    • PSYC 10300: General Psychology  (3 credits)         
    • PSYC 11300: Introduction to Research Psychology  (2 credits)
      • Psychology minors usually take PSYC 11300 in the spring.
      • Psychology minors who want to try to take PSYC 11300 in the fall must wait to register for it until after all incoming psychology majors have registered for it in the summer. No overrides are possible to get minors into fall-semester PSYC 11300 before the remaining spots in the course come open in late August. At that point, an override will not be necessary to register for a remaining spot.
    • Five additional semester-long psychology electives, with at least two courses at level 3 or 4 and no more than three at level 1  (15 credits)
    • Total, minor in psychology: 20 credits
  • The earlier in your academic career you declare the minor, the more likely it is that you will be able to take courses that both satisfy the requirements for the minor and suit your interests.
  • The psychology minor is distinct from the counseling minor and the neuroscience minor.
    • For information about the counseling minor, click here.
    • For information about the neuroscience minor, click here.

How to Declare a Minor in Psychology

To declare the minor, you first will meet with Professor Vaughn to develop a program of psychology courses that is tailored to your interests.

Professor Vaughn advises all of the psychology minors, in addition to advising psychology majors and teaching Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Judgment Research Team, and Seminar in Psychology. She is looking forward to meeting with you!

Your meeting with Professor Vaughn will take about 15 minutes. Please bring a list of all the psychology courses in which you are currently enrolled, or for which you have already received credit at Ithaca College - including credits that have already successfully transferred in as psychology courses. You’ll also chat briefly about what brings you to psychology and how you see psychology fitting into your overall educational experience. All of this will help craft a program of study that both satisfies the requirements of the minor and suits your interests.

To sign up for an advising time, please visit Professor Vaughn’s office early – if possible, on the Thursday or Friday before the week you wish to meet. Her office is at 115a Williams Hall.

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