Student Review

B.A. Theatre Studies Advising/Review Process

In an effort to maximize the quality of the advising/review process, the B.A. theatre studies student will be required to create and update the following information package throughout their academic career as a B.A. theatre studies major.

The packet must contain the following information in the exact order as given and it must be typed. No hand written information will be accepted:

  1. Cover Sheet: Name, local and permanent addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and current school standing.
  2. Self-Evaluation: This form should be completed to its fullest extent and should contain a thoughtful and honest assessment of the student’s performance as a B.A. drama student. Short-term and long-term goals should be clearly discussed.
  3. Current Resume: Students should attach a current resume listing all vocational and academic information.
  4. B.A. Theatre Studies Degree Evaluation Worksheet: as completed to date.
  5. Record of Registration Meeting Form: (with alternative choices) for the next semester
  6. Midterm Grades: available on Homer prior to pre-registration

Prior to the advising/review meeting, the student must e-mail one copy of this information to his or her advisor at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting. The student should use their last name as the file name (e.g. SMITH fall 10.doc)

If a student fails to provide the information described above, they will not receive a registration pin number, and subsequently will not be able to register until they have met with the chair of the Department of Theatre Arts.

Students should keep a permanent file of this information in their own records. By keeping a copy from one year to another they can reduce the amount work required for future semesters.

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