HSCC Agendas and Actions 2013-14

H&S Curriculum Committee
HSCC Agendas and Actions 2013-14

/hs/faculty/hsccAgendas listing proposals to be reviewed at meetings of the H&S Curriculum Committee are available here. Fall 2013 meetings take place on Thursday morning; agendas will be available by 5pm on Tuesday. Any faculty member interested in seeing a particular proposal may contact the H&S Dean's office at hscurriculum@ithaca.edu.

Actions list proposals reviewed at HSCC meetings and the decision taken by the HSCC at that meeting. Possible decisions include:
1) approved
2) approved as amended (allowing administrative corrections to fix typos and minor errors)
3) approved contingent (requiring changes with additional review by HSCC co-chairs only)
4) revise and resubmit (requiring major changes and additional review by entire HSCC)

Approved ROAs are sent to the H&S Dean for her signature, and then forwarded to the APC Curriculum Subcommittee for review.

All other approved proposals are voted on by the H&S faculty before being signed by the Dean and forwarded to APC-C.

HSCC Actions 4/30/14
HSCC Agenda 4/30/14
HSCC Actions 4/16/14
HSCC Agenda 4/16/14
HSCC Actions 3/19/14
HSCC Agenda 3/19/14
HSCC Agenda 3/5/14
HSCC Actions 2/19/14
HSCC Agenda 2/19/14
HSCC Actions 1/22/14
HSCC Agenda 1/22/14
HSCC Actions 12/4/13 - Electronic Vote
HSCC Agenda 12/4/13 - Electronic Vote
HSCC Actions 11/20/13 - Electronic Vote
HSCC Agenda 11/19/13 - Electronic Vote
HSCC Actions 11/14/13 - Electronic Vote
HSCC Agenda 11/14/13 - Electronic Vote
HSCC Actions 10/31/13
HSCC Agenda 10/31/13
HSCC Actions 10/24/13
HSCC Agenda 10/24/13
HSCC Actions 10/10/13
HSCC Agenda 10/10/13
HSCC Actions 10/3/13
HSCC Agenda 10/3/13 rev
HSCC Agenda 10/3/13
HSCC Actions 9/26/13
HSCC Agenda 9/26/13
HSCC Actions 9/19/13
HSCC Agenda 9/19/13
HSCC Actions 9/12/13
HSCC Agenda 9/12/13
HSCC Actions 9/5/13
HSCC Agenda 9/5/13
HSCC Actions 8/29/13
HSCC Agenda 8/29/13
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