Resident Assistant

Financial Aid Info

The resident assistant (RA) at Ithaca College receives credit applied directly to his/her student account. Compensation is applied first to room expenses and any balance then applied to board, then tuition/fees. While it is not considered financial aid per se, the value of the remission must, for many students, be treated in the same fashion as other financial assistance. Since each student's financial aid package is different, the RA position will affect each student differently. This is why we strongly encourage each individual to contact the Financial Aid Office before he/she completes the application.

Financial aid can be divided into two types: aid that is NEVER affected by accepting the RA position (Column A), and aid that MIGHT be affected by the RA position (Column B).

Column A Column B
External Scholarships (Non-Need Based) Perkins Loan
TAP (NYS residents) Stafford Lon (subsidized and unsubsidized)
Pell Grant Other education loans
Graduate Scholarships Federal Work Study
Employee Tuition Remission SEOG
Ithaca Dean's Scholarship W. G. Egbert Founders Fund
Ithaca President's Scholarship Endowed Scholarships
Ithaca ALANA Scholarship Corporate scholarships
Ithaca NMF Recognition Award Ithaca Access Grant
Ithaca Leadership Scholarship Ithaca IOG Grant
Ithaca Sibling Grant NYS/Ithaca HEOP Grant
Ithaca Heritage Grant NYS HEOP Grant
Ithaca College Scholarship MLK Need-Based Grant
MLK Scholarship
Park Scholars Award

Below is a brief summary of how the staff remission could affect your financial aid:

  • If you receive no scholarships, grants, loans, or work-study, all of the remission is directly credited to your charges.
  • If ALL of your aid comes from sources in Column A, then the staff remission is added on top.
  • If ANY portion of your aid comes from sources in Column B, your file will be individually reviewed by Financial Aid Office and the remission will become part of your package.
  • If your need was met in full, a dollar for dollar reduction to your other aid may be applied to allow for the RA remission. Since the RA position is a "no-strings" type of assistance, adjustments are typically made self-help (Federal Work-Study, Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan) first. If your remission amount is greater than your self-help aid, your Column B gift aid may be reduced. Occasionally, it may be necessary to return a portion of your Stafford Loan. Generally, your aid may be reduced/eliminated in the following order:
    • Perkins Loan
    • Stafford Loan (Subsidized)
    • Federal Work-Study
    • SEOG
    • Ithaca College Scholarships/Grants
    • NYS HEOP Grant
    • Endowed/Corporate Scholarships
    • Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized)
    • Ithaca Advantage Loan
    • IC Choice Loan
    • Plus Loan
    • Other Parent Loans
  • If your need was not met in full, some or all of the remission will be used to help meet your need. Partial reductions to other aid may be necessary. If so, the method would be the same as "a".

Following is a brief summary of when financial aid adjustments could occur:

  1. If you are hired, you will receive a new award letter from the Financial Aid Office showing your aid with any changes that may have been needed.
  2. If you receive assistance which could be affected (category 3 above) and you are hired during or between semesters, adjustments may be made to both semesters in order to accommodate the staff aid. In that case, the total distribution of the funds will be different.
  3. If you resign from the position before the semester starts, all of the remission will be deducted from your package. Your original package may be reinstated if current funding levels permit. Reinstatement of the original package is not guaranteed.
  4. If you resign from staff or are removed from the position after the semester starts, the remission will be pro-rated and the unearned portion will be deducted from your package. We take the semester award, divided by 15 weeks and multiply the result times the number of weeks that you completed rounded to the nearest half week. It is generally not possible to make up the reduction with other funds.

We hope this information will help you clarify the financial aid aspects of becoming an RA at Ithaca College. If your situation is different or you want more detailed information about how the RA position will affect your package, please schedule an appointment with a financial aid staff member. During this meeting you should request a review of your projected financial aid package with and without the RA position.

The Financial Aid Office is on the third floor, Campus Center, (607) 274-3131. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.