Joining a Community

When You Move In

Be sensible about music and noise. Regardless of how fine the day, avoid facing your stereo speakers out of windows. Inevitably, somewhere nearby a harried parent is trying to get a child to take a nap.

If you are having a party, let your neighbors know in advance! Remember that you are responsible for your guests' behavior, so keep the party under control, keep it inside, clean up immediately, and limit large parties to appropriate facilities.

See that your trash gets put out every week and that the garbage cans are carried in after trash pickup and keep the exterior of your house looking neat. Pick up litter on your lawn, even if you didn't put it there.

Keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice. It is usually the responsibility of the tenant to keep the sidewalks clear, but don't wait for your neighbor to slip and fall even if it is not.

It is important to remember that your neighborhood may include small children, school zones, one-way streets, and people who are unfamiliar with the area. All of these are reasons to be especially aware of your surroundings while driving.