The Sustainably Conscious Living community is an opportunity for Ithaca College students to explore and expand their commitment to improving their relationship with the environment, society, and economy. The community is located on the first floor of Terrace 02 and is co-ed by door. Residents of this exciting and dynamic community participate in community meetings, group dinners, and educational adventures throughout the academic year. 

The sustainability of human communities is an important and even unavoidable issue of the modern world. It permeates all facets of civilization. Living together in this sustainably conscious community provides a unique opportunity to learn how to live sustainably, to help one another in sustainable efforts, and to be role models for each other and the Ithaca College campus.

What is Sustainability? There may be as many definitions of sustainability and sustainable development as there are groups trying to define it. All of the definitions have to do with "Living within the limits."

A wide variety of experential opportunities are afforded to residents of the community. These include learning activities, tours, camping adventures, community dinners, academic programs, and more.