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Matt LewkowiczTalent ManagementMatt Lewkowicz
Information Systems Manager

I have been working in Human Resources at Ithaca College since 1991, and with our Human Resources Information Systems since 1995. Prior to 1995 I worked in Compensation, Employment and Benefits. Since 1995 I have brought that functional experience to supporting our HR computing systems to support employees, managers and Human Resources professionals.

Since the 2002 Ithaca College migration to Oracle's Human Resources system (called "Parnassus" at Ithaca College) I have been involved in maintaining and improving that system. In 2009 I began leadership of the Human Resources Information Systems group in HR. Our team consists of our operations staff Hana Holman and Barb Haff, our data, systems and media specialist Keith Slayden and, of course, me.

I am always interested in improving Parnassus for our users. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improvements - we may not be able to address every suggestion right away but I will respond to let you know we have received your input!