HR Vision, Mission, and Commitments

Our HR Vision (our dream state), HR Mission (our purpose and reason for what we do), and HR Commitments (the materials to build our dream state and to inform our purpose) guide our strategy.

HR Vision

We're here to help employees stack the building blocks on their journey.

We use building blocks as a motif to define the various touchpoints that HR engages with each employee during their tenure at IC—including recruiting, onboarding, salary review, assignment change/promotion/transfer, training and development/upskilling, and offboarding.

HR Mission

In ICHR, we're committed to delivering services and programs that promote a positive employee experience and contribute to the success and growth of the IC community.

HR Commitments (Or, the Building Blocks)

Value propositions tend to be single words that define a mission. We think of them as actions that inform we should deliver our mission. These are our value propositions—the actions that we carry and consider in pursuit of our Vision and Mission.
  • Our employees are our why. Our ambition is to be a strategic partner and knowledge source to employees and leaders to drive decision-making and to advance the workplace of our institution.
  • We are human-Centered—whether meeting you in person or virtually.
  • We will commit to transparency and honesty, even when it’s difficult.
  • We work to help you make a lasting impact.
  • We champion the perspective of our employees – and are here to advocate on their behalf.
  • We influence the culture of a place that empowers employees to experiment and grow.
  • We intend to foster a sense of community and connectedness.
  • We uphold the values of equity and belonging in everything we do.
  • We build and maintain a total rewards package – compensation, benefits, and employee perks that meet the needs of our employees and evolves alongside the market.
  • We champion wellness-centered programming and competitive paid time away to support the wellbeing and longevity of our employees.
  • We take the stress out of getting paid – and commit to processing payments in a timely manner with accuracy.
  • The workplace – how we work, where we work, the tools that aid our work are ever-changing and transformational. But we work to ensure that change is not scary.
  • We support employees through change – scaling programs that meet our employees’ needs.
  • We are data-driven, delivering services and programs that provide the best outcomes.