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Beth BlinnTalent ManagementBeth Blinn
Manager of Student Employment

Hi~ I am Beth Blinn the Manager of the Student Employment Office. I started at IC as a Temp in Admissions before finding this great job that I love in Student Employment. I have worked in Student Employment for 6 years now. I enjoy meeting so many of the students here, their parents, friends and fellow classmates.
Each and every person I meet and work with is a unique individual and I so often get to know many of the students on a more individual basis making my job so special to me. I am currently working on a flex schedule. I am here in the office 4 days and working from home 1 day a week. This schedule has worked great for me as I am able to work from home and still be able to help with my family. I have an amazing 11 year old son and twin daughters who were born in February '10.