Individual Choice

How Individual Choice WorksHow Individual Choice Works
A brief explanation of Ithaca College's Cafeteria Benefits Plan.

Individual Choice begins with a level of coverage necessary for the basic financial protection of each employee. This basic required coverage includes:

  • medical coverage (unless you are covered under another medical plan);

  • $20,000 of life insurance; and
  • long-term disability coverage once you become eligible.

You have the option to build upon these core benefits. With the Individual Choice program, you choose from an array of selections to meet your needs.


Each benefit-eligible employee receives a predetermined number of benefit credits from the College. Depending on the options you choose, your total credits will cover all or part of your flexible benefits package.

If you decline medical coverage under the Individual Choice program, you will receive fewer benefit credits, plus a separate number of cashable credits. You can have your separate cashable credits added to your taxable pay. Alternatively, you can use these credits to purchase other benefits or deposit them into a flexible spending account.

Individual Choice Rate Sheet