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Ithaca College faculty and staff members and their eligible dependents have the opportunity to use many of the College's recreational facilities. Employees have access to the many services of the College library, the Campus Center, and the College bookstore (at which employees receive a 10% discount). Employees also receive blue parking tags, allowing them to park in convenient spaces on campus at no charge. An employee's ID card also serves as a bus pass for the TCAT system.

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Long Term Care InsuranceLong Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance

Why Consider Long Term Care Insurance?

The things we value - home, family, hard-earned savings, independence - these are just a few of the important things Long Term Care Insurance can help you protect and preserve. To consider whether Long Term Care Insurance is right for you, we invite you to consider the value it may help to bring...

Preserve your savings and other assets. You´ve worked hard and saved. Your savings will serve you when life goes as you´ve planned. But you probably don´t want to use your savings to pay for a hospital stay, or to replace your home after a fire. You have health and homeowner´s insurance for those unforeseen turns in the road. But chances are you could live without many of the catastrophic events you´ve planned for. And the longer you live, the greater the likelihood of a long term care need. There´s insurance for that too: Long Term Care Insurance.

Protect your family and friends from the difficulties of care giving. Family is often the first place you´ll turn to for care, comfort, and support. But in many cases, they are not professional caregivers. What you want from your family is love and support. Weeks, months or years of care, even with just basic daily needs may be a burden you want to lift from your family´s shoulders, so they can give you those shoulders to lean on in the ways that matter more.

Stay in your home as long as possible. If you´re like most people, home is where your heart is, and where you´d like to stay for as long as possible. Long Term Care Insurance can give you the flexibility to receive care in the comfort and familiarity of your home or your community.

Maintain a level of independence and control of your life. Nothing makes us feel more vulnerable than losing control of basic choices. Few things are as important as knowing we´ve taken steps to help make sure we´re able to live our lives on our own terms.

What does Long Term Care Insurance cover?

Keeping up with daily basic activities may require help when you´re dealing with an accident, illness or a chronic condition. Tax-qualified long term care insurance is intended to help in times when the unforeseen leaves you with less capacity to do these kinds of daily tasks on your own. It helps to reimburse the expenses you incur for covered long term care services.

Care at home and in the community. The simple things may become challenging: getting out of bed, getting dressed each day, making a meal, even laundry or housecleaning. Long Term Care Insurance can help pay for caregivers and their training, as well as things like medical monitoring equipment, to make you feel better and safer at home. You may even be covered for some care you get from family and friends.

Care in Assisted Living Facilities. Assisted living strikes a balance between independent living and access to personal care services in a community setting.

Care In a Nursing Home. Nursing homes provide comfort knowing you have 24-hour access to skilled care, including medical services and monitoring of your needs.

If you want to explore other benefits and features of this Long Term Care Insurance program, please read detailed information concerning the plans available.

Nursing Home and Home Care Insurance. In New York there are two comprehensive categories of insurance providing coverage for long term care services, Nursing Home and Home Care Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance. The Nursing Home and Home Care Insurance category allows greater affordability to the consumer, with lower mandated limits, yet still provides tax-qualified long term care insurance designed to meet the requirements for New York state and municipal tax credits, as well as those under Section 7702B(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. This Group Program utilizes the Nursing Home and Home Care Insurance category in order to make the most flexible and affordable options available, giving you the ability to personalize your coverage based on your budget and needs.