Other Benefits

Ithaca College faculty and staff members and their eligible dependents have the opportunity to use many of the College's recreational facilities. Employees have access to the many services of the College library, the Campus Center, and the College bookstore (at which employees receive a 10% discount). Employees also receive blue parking tags, allowing them to park in convenient spaces on campus at no charge. An employee's ID card also serves as a bus pass for the TCAT system.

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Dining OptionsDining Options
Ithaca College has several dinning facilities right on campus!

Dining Hall Meal Plans

This meal plan exclusive to Ithaca College faculty and staff allows access to all dining halls. Meals can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night.

This plan includes four options:

  • 10 Meals for $55.00 ($5.50 per meal)
  • 20 Meals for $105.00 ($5.25 per meal)
  • 40 Meals for $200.00 ($5.00 per meal)
  • 80 Meals for $380.00 ($4.75 per meal)

Options for payment include: payroll deductions, Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash.

Meals carry over from year to year. As this is a special program for Ithaca College employees, meals are for faculty or staff members only, not for guests.

ID Express

Did you know that your ID card can function as a debit card for campus food retailers as well as some external vendors? Simply load up your card by filling out the ID Express Application and use it at participating locations. For a full list of where you can use ID express please review the links to the right. 

On Campus Food Retailers

Need to grab a quick bite on the go? Ithaca College has several places to get a snack or a quick prepared meal. The locations all accept cash and ID express, and some  accept credit cards as payment. Below is a list of some retail locations. For more information on dining options at Ithaca College visit the Dining Services website.

IC Square Food Court
Location: The Pub in Campus Center

Location: Towers Concourse

La Vincita
Location: IC Square

Café @ CHS
Location: 1st floor Lobby of CHS

Café @ Park School
Location: Park 1st floor lobby

Grand Central Café
Location: Lobby of Campus Center

Café @ the Business School
Location: 2nd Floor Lobby of Business School