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ClearPoint Credit Counseling ServicesClearPoint Credit Counseling Services
Take advantage of this FREE service by calling 1.877.877.1995!

Ithaca College is proud to announce its partnership with ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions (CCCS)! CCCS and its branch offices help nearly 50,000 consumers each year. With 39 years of professional, non-profit community service experience, CCCS is a fully accredited and licensed organization providing in-person, telephone (1.877.877.1995) and internet counseling.

Services include:

  • Credit counseling: Whatever your financial situation, we can help you make it better. A free financial counseling session includes a review of income, expenses and debt to create a plan for achieving financial goals. You will also receive tips on money management, and learn different ways of handling a financial crisis.
  • Debt management: Our Debt Management Plan, licensed by the NYS Banking Department, is structured to help you repay creditors over time—without additional loans or personal bankruptcy. In addition to financial counseling, the plan includes negotiated repayments to creditors. **The fee for this program is on a sliding scale, which is considerably lower than other so-called “debt relief” companies. Hardship waivers may be available.**
  • Housing counseling: CCCS is a HUD-certified counseling agency. We offer pre-purchase counseling, home buyer seminars, mortgage and rental default counseling and Reverse Equity Mortgage Certification. This service is available in-person or by phone.
  • Bankruptcy counseling: CCCS is approved by the Executive Office for the United States Trustees* to provide pre-filing budget counseling and pre-discharge financial education that are now required by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Pre-filing counseling appointments are available online, in-person or by telephone. Pre-discharge education is available online and also conducted as in-person group sessions. Fees are charged for these services and hardship waivers may be available. (*Their approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an agency’s or provider’s service.)
  • Credit report reviews,
  • Financial education programs and
  • Debt repayment services throughout Upstate New York.

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