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Leadership Program

Please note that the LeaderShip program is currently not in session.  

Ithaca College “LeaderShip” is a comprehensive program designed to enhance the overall quality of management and leadership on campus by addressing critical skills that lead to reflective self-assessment and build healthy, growing relationships with other people. This year-long program is designed to build leadership capacities in an ever-changing work world. Participants will be involved in the following activities: 14 learning workshops including an off-campus team-building experience, coaching groups, and an interactive, small group reading assignment. The goals of the program are to improve leadership effectiveness, develop a better understanding of the twenty-first century workplace, strengthen communication skills, create a learning community and foster positive internal relationships and support networks. The participants, a selected group of twenty-four employees, will be expected to participate in the complete program and must commit to participating in all aspects of the program.

Evidence of the program’s success will be measured by an increased awareness of the knowledge and skills needed to perform critical leadership functions effectively and in a manner that affirms the dignity of all people and facilitates the achievement of Ithaca College’s mission. Equally as important, the program’s success will be apparent in the strengthening of relationships between participants.

The program is designed for employees who wish to acquire new knowledge and refresh their skills as well as those interested in developing leadership skills. Upon conclusion of the program, participants will receive recognition of completion.