Employee Perspectives

Karen & Monica McGavinKaren & Monica McGavin
Executive Secretary to the Vice President - Finance & Administration / Assistant Registrar for Curriculum - Registrar

Karen McGavin

Karen has been developing at Ithaca College for 36 years, having started as a secretary for the Treasurer’s Office in 1979. Her hometown in the near by Candor, but when she makes it into the city of Ithaca he loves to stop by Wegman’s to do some shopping. 

Karen is hoping to retire in a few years and hopes to spend more time knitting, crocheting, and also learning how to sew. However on the top of he list of things to do is spend more time with her granddaughter.

Monica McGavin

Monica McGavin has been working for Ithaca College since July 30, 2001.  She began her career here working for the Humanities and Sciences Dean's office as an Administrative Assistant.  From there she went to work as the Assistant Manager of Accounts Payable and then on to the Department Assistant for the Occupational Therapy Department.  She has been working as the Assistant Registrar since August 2008.

She was born and raised in Candor NY and was awarded her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management here at IC in 1990.  She moved to Texas after graduating and lived in Austin for about 7 years before she came back to her hometown.  When she moved back to NY she wanted to work at IC because it was home to her.  Her mother has worked here for 36 years and her father had worked and is now retired from IC as well.

She loves being in Ithaca and appreciates the beautiful landscape of the Cayuga basin.. the view from her office window is absolutely amazing ANY time of the year.  She loves the commons and people watching along with the variety of dining possibilities.  Her most favorite is Garcia's - she has missed the tex-mex food from Austin and was glad to have Garcia's come to Ithaca finally.  Stewart Park is one of her favorite locations.  This is where she and her sister always went when they were little and then again as we grew up.  They make it a point to have lunch there every time her sister comes up from Tennessee in the summer time.  She has a beautiful picture of her daughter feeding the ducks in the inlet.

One of the things she hopes to achieve at Ithaca College is to have her daughter attend college here.  She hopes for her to have the same wonderful education she had here and the great experience of going to school while her mother works here.