Student Supervisors

Student Employee Hiring Process

Post job openings for a minimum of five days:
Go to /hr/studentemployment/studentsupervisor/

Enter data as specified on the form.  If you have special instructions on how to pick up applications or any other important information, be sure to include those in the posting.  Once you you have selected a student you would like to hire, please send an email ( to remove the job posting from the job database.

Application and Resume

It is recommended that students submit a resume and cover letter along with employment references to apply for a job. Please note in the job posting what you require.

1. Require a completed application, and conduct interviews with selected qualified students.

2. Hire the selected student in Parnassus through the IC Student Manager Self-Service (SMSS) link. (Contact Student Employment if you do not have this access.)
**Students may start working once you have received an approval notice from Parnassus**

3. a. If the student has worked previously on campus and is still an undergrad, they may begin working immediately.
    b. If the student has never worked on campus before, they must attend a New Student Employee Program in order to fill out their I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form and required payroll forms. They cannot start working until they have attended one of these sessions and completed all paperwork.  If a student is allowed to work prior to completing the government mandated I-9 Form, a fine of up to $11,000 may be imposed by the federal government.  Students must sign up on the Student Employment website for a New Student Employee Program at: The dates and times of the sessions are also listed on this page. The student must bring specific, original documentation with them to the New Student Employee Program.

Students who have previously worked on campus DO NOT need to attend a New Student Employee Program unless the student is now a graduate student; graduate students who have worked at IC as an undergrad must attend a New Student Employee Program to fill out their forms again.

4. Once the student has attended the New Student Employee Program and filled out paperwork, they may start working. You will receive an approval on the SMSS transaction submitted to hire this student.  (Students may start working once you have received an approval notice from Parnassus.)

5. Create a set work schedule with your student employees and exchange contact information.  It is important to let them know who will be approving their timecards, who they go to for questions and who they need to call if they are sick and cannot make it to work.

6. It is important to review the job description and discuss goals and expectations with the student at the initial hiring point, halfway point and at the end of the semester.

7. The College policy only allows students to work 20 hours a week for all combined employment on campus.  Resident Assistants may only work 10 hours per week in addition to their RA position.

8. Raises and pay increases may be given at the start of the fall academic term ONLY.