Submitting a Resignation/Termination in MSS

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Self-Service HR 5.2
PROHRI22 [ 12-APR-07 ]


This procedure covers submitting an employee resignation/termination in Manager Self-Service.  This must be done by a manager to his or her direct reports or employee(s) in a department that reports to them when notified of a resignation from employment at IC.


When performing Terminations in Manager Self-Service, prompt processing is essential and is the responsibility of every supervisor.  The supervisor will be held accountable for excess pay amounts, excess benefit premiums, and unemployment claims resulting from failure to follow the required procedures on time.


Manager Self-Service User*


The HRIS Director [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed whenever you need to record a resignation/termination for an employee in your department, or in a department that reports to you.  Common reasons for termination include relocation, acceptance of a new job, and retirement.

Important: Faculty who will return the next semester should not be terminated at the end of the academic year.  For example, at the end of the spring semester, a faculty member should not be terminated if s/he will be reappointed for the upcoming fall semester.  However, please be aware that benefits remain in effect and premiums have already been paid by the faculty member for the summer months.

When a termination is submitted through Manager Self-Service, the information goes through a workflow for approval.  There is a time-delay as the transaction is processed.  When it has gone completely through the workflow, you will receive an email notification. 

Refer to An Overview of the MSS Approval Process [REFHRI01] for details on the MSS Workflow.

The job title Manager refers to:


1. Access Manager Self-Service

Refer to Accessing Manager Self-Service [NAVHRI04]

2. Select “Terminate an Employee”.

If you aare not presented with a hierarchical view of “My Employees”, goto task #3. Otherwise, goto task #4.

3. Search for the employee that is leaving by entering the last name of the employee who has resigned and click on the “Go” button.

4. Click the Action icon  for the employee who is leaving.

5. Enter the effective date for the resignation/termination.

This is the date that the termination takes effect. For staff, termination date is the last day of work. For full-time, benefit-eligible faculty, termination date is 15-Aug-20YY. For non-benefit-eligible faculty, termination date is usually 31-Dec-20YY for fall and 15-May-20YY  for spring or appointment end date for faculty with shorter term appointments. Note: Since Parnassus tracks and processes future-dated transactions, you can submit the termination transaction as soon as it becomes known to you that an employee is leaving.

6. Complete the Termination Details

This is the date that the employee notified you, or that you notified the employee, of the termination.  This date cannot be earlier than the date of hire or later than the termination date.

7. Review the Termination details to ensure that the data is accurate.

If the data is incorrect or missing important details, you will need to click on the Back button to adjust the information for accuracy.

8. Attach the electronic copy of the resignation/termination letter.

This electronic communication can be an email notification, an electronic version of a paper letter, or a transcribed copy of a paper letter.  These attachments become a permanent part of the employment record.

For involuntary terminations, any supporting documentation that is available should be included in the transaction.  For a resignation, a letter written by the employee should accompany the transaction as well.  If a letter covering the necessary details is not included, write in the Comments to Approver section the circumstances leading to the resignation including how the notification was received and why a letter of resignation is not included.

9. Add Comments to Approver on the Review page.

Here you can add comments to the record which will only be viewed by the parties in the workflow approval process.  These comments should indicate that the final TRF and accrual records are forthcoming via campus mail.  Additionally, you can further explain the reasons for the termination in this field. 

10.    Print the Review page for your records if you desire.

This step is optional.

This will open a new window from which you should select File and Print from the tool bar.

11.    Close the new window after you have printed your review page.

It is helpful to retain a hardcopy of the confirmation for your temporary records.  When you receive notification that your transaction had been completed, you can dispose of the hardcopy.

12.    Click the [Submit] button on the Review screen.

This should be done when all the data is confirmed correct and all comments have been added.

You will receive a confirmation that the termination record was submitted to the workflow for approval.  This is not confirming that the record was approved; it simply confirms that it was submitted.

13.    Click the “Home” link  or button to return to the Main Menu when you are finished.

You can continue to work with Manager Self-Service from the main menu.

14.    Click the Logout link when finished with Manager Self-Service to properly disconnect from Parnassus.

End of activity.

Submitting a Resignation/Termination in MSS: Flowchart Start Manager Task #1 Task #2 Decision Manager Task #3 Manager Task #4 Task #5 Task #6 Task #7 Task #8 Task #9 Task #10 Task #11 Task #12 Manager Task #13 Task #14 End