An Overview of the MSS Approval Process

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Self-Service HR 5.2
REFHRI01 [ 08-MAY-07 ]


Manager Self-Service User


The HRIS Director [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

This document is used as a reference for Manager Self-Service Users. This document should clarify the approval process as well as explain the reason for the time delay between the submission of an MSS transaction and approval and the need for an input cutoff schedule.

How the Approval Process Works

Changes can be made to an employee’s record by their supervisor through Manager Self-Service. After you submit a transaction via MSS, it is electronically sent through a series of workflow stations where it is reviewed, approved, returned for correction, or rejected, and sent to the next station in line. (See the flowcharts below.) Because employee records contain confidential information and are protected under strict legal guidelines, any changes to the records must be reviewed and formally approved. This is accomplished through the MSS Workflow. Please note, however, that all MSS transactions have specific cutoff dates that correspond to every pay date.  Transactions that need to make specific payrolls must be submitted by noon of the cutoff date. For more details on the cutoff schedule, refer to An Overview of the MSS Cutoff Schedule [REFHRI02].

The entire approval process takes three business days or less, from the time you submit a change to the time that your change is applied to the database.

When you begin a MSS transaction, the workflow is initiated. If you stop in the middle of the process before submitting the transaction and close the browser window, you have not cancelled the transaction. The beginnings of the transaction sit waiting to be processed through the workflow. In order to avoid creating incomplete transactions, the MSS user must click the [Save for Later] or [Cancel] button to formally save or cancel the transaction. This is the only way to avoid creating partial transactions.

The MSS Approval Process Flowcharts

There are two basic workflows. There is the general approval workflow, which is the workflow for all personnel actions except Resignations/Terminations. The termination workflow is different and specific to the employee termination process.

The email confirmation to the manager is accompanied by email notifications to the offices of Compensation, Employment, Budget, and (in the case of faculty resignations/terminations) the Provost.