An Overview of the MSS Cutoff Schedule

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Self-Service HR 5.2
REFHRI02 [ 10-MAY-07 ]


Manager Self-Service User


The HRIS Director [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

This document is used as a reference for Manager Self-Service Users.  This document should clarify the purpose of the MSS Cutoff Schedule.

What is the MSS Cutoff Schedule?

The MSS Cutoff Schedule is a list of dates: Pay Dates and MSS Input Deadlines.  The Input Deadline is the last date that a MSS Transaction can be submitted to be effective for the corresponding Pay Date.  Pay Dates are distinguished between Semi-Monthly (SM) and Bi-Weekly (BW) pay dates.  The cutoff corresponds to the payroll schedule that the employee falls under.  The cutoff for any submitted transaction is noon on the Input Deadline.  The Deadline is typically 10 days prior to the Pay Date because each transaction must go through the MSS workflow and payrolls are run in advance of the actual pay dates.

The Input Deadline is strictly enforced.  Transactions submitted after the deadline for a particular Pay Date will not affect the intended payroll, but will become effective for the following payroll.  It is therefore important to submit all transactions as soon as the information becomes available.

Remember, by using the appropriate effective date, MSS transactions can be submitted well in advance of the effective date.  The Input Deadline on the Cutoff Schedule is not the date on which MSS Transactions must be submitted for the respective Pay Date; rather, it is the last day that they are able to be submitted.  MSS Transactions can be submitted any time before the deadline.

How the Cutoff Schedule works in conjunction with the workflow.

Since MSS Transactions involve important changes to employee records, the approval process involves a number of offices that carefully review the changes before moving to the next station in the flow.  (For more information on the MSS Workflow, refer to An Overview of the MSS Approval Process [REFHRI01])  Additionally, all data that needs to be entered into Parnassus has a payroll cutoff, which is a number of days before payroll is run.  For these reasons, the Input Deadline occurs approximately 10 days prior to the Pay Date.

How you can obtain a copy of the MSS Cutoff Schedule.

The MSS Cutoff Schedule is created at the beginning of each calendar year and circulated to all MSS users and is also available online at  It is imperative that you keep this schedule close by for reference when you are submitting MSS Transactions.