Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Music applicants must apply and be accepted to both Ithaca College and the School of Music.

Ithaca College Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements Instructions Deadlines
Common Application and Supporting Materials Please visit IC's undergraduate admission site for more information:
Apply to Ithaca

Regular decision: December 1, 2016
Early decision: November 1, 2016

Register for myIthaca (not required but highly recommended) Sign up for myIthaca -- registration is free:
At least two weeks prior to the audition date.


School of Music Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements Instructions Deadlines

Every School of Music applicant, including minors, must audition on a major performing instrument or voice. Composition applicants must submit scores and may choose to audition if planning on pursuing study on a primary instrument or voice. There are pre-screening audition requirements for sound recording technology applicants.

To schedule an audition, please complete the online Audition Request Form. It is in the applicant's best interest to select an early audition date. For more information, please visit our Auditions page.

Applicants may schedule an audition after September 1.

Audition Preparation Form

After scheduling an audition, applicants will receive an e-mail with more information about completing the online Audition Preparation Form. In addition to academic and musical background information, this form will require:

  • Personal Statement: Applicants must compose a concise personal statement (250 words or less) specific to the applicant's intended degree of study. This statement should outline the particular interest the applicant has in attending the Ithaca College School of Music, and is an important part of the file review. General statements submitted for other college applications are not appropriate for this requirement.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation: Applicants must provide the contact information for their reference(s) when completing the Audition Preparation Form. Reference(s) will be contacted via e-mail to complete an online Teacher Recommendation Form. One reference from a music teacher is required, however, applicants are encouraged to submit more than one reference if possible. Piano applicants must list their private piano teacher.
  • Résumé: Applicants must provide a brief résumé, including musical activities in high school, during summers, honors and awards received, leadership activities or offices held, and other significant non-music activities.
  • Photo

There is a $15 submission fee for the Audition Preparation Form.

Applicants must submit an Audition Preparation Form for each instrument on which they are auditioning.

Two weeks prior to audition date.

For pre-screening applicants only: November 1 for applicants seeking a December audition, and December 1 for applications seeking a January or February audition.
Pre-Screening Audition There are pre-screening audition requirements for sound recording technology applicants only. After the review of recordings and application materials, successful applicants will receive notice of their on-campus audition date.
Pre-Screening Audition Information
November 1 for applicants seeking a December audition, and December 1 for applications seeking a January or February audition.


Additional Requirements By Degree

B.M. in Composition Applicants are required to submit two sample compositions, with recordings if available. Scores should exhibit a variety of instrumentation and/or vocal forces. Applicants are also required to interview with the composition faculty on an audition date. An audition is not required for this degree program, but is necessary if an applicant would like to study privately on an instrument or voice (known as instrumental/vocal emphasis). Scores and recordings should be submitted online with the Audition Preparation Form. Hard copy of scores and recordings must be brought to the on-campus interview.
B.M. in Jazz Studies Applicants must complete the specified jazz and classical audition requirements, and demonstrate the ability to improvise with a live rhythm section (provided by Ithaca College). Applicants must also prepare several song selections from the list of approved selections at the following page:
For Jazz Studies Majors
B.M. in Sound Recording Technology Applicants must submit pre-screening audition recordings through the Audition Preparation Form. Applicants will receive more information about this process after completing the Audition Request Form. Applicants who successfully pass the pre-screening audition will be invited to a live audition and interview on campus. Applicants are also required to complete a Recording Supplement, which is part of the Audition Preparation Form that all applicants must complete prior to the on-campus audition. 
B.M. in Theory Freshman theory applicants are typically accepted as "undeclared" music majors and may audition for formal entry into this program during the sophomore year. The audition consists of an oral examination with the chair of the music theory, history, and composition department and a second theory faculty member of the student's choice.


When to Apply

Students must apply to Ithaca College by December 1. 

Acceptance and Notification

Consideration for admission to Ithaca College and the School of Music involves three steps:

  1. Our faculty members assess the audition and provide an evaluation to the Dean and Director of Music Admission for the School of Music.
  2. The Director of Music Admission makes a recommendation to the College's Director of Admission based on the results of the audition and review of the music application and supporting documents.
  3. The College's Director of Admission makes an admission decision based on the admission committee's evaluation of academics and the admission recommendation from the School of Music.

In some cases, an applicant may not satisfactorily meet the audition requirements to be a music major, but may still be admitted to Ithaca College for study in another degree. Conversely, an applicant may meet the music requirements, but not be admitted to Ithaca College because of academic deficiencies.

The timeline for admission notification is dependent upon a number of variables. Most applicants will be notified of an admission decision between March 1 and April 1, however, some applicants may be notified sooner, if possible.

Early Decision

The Office of Admission encourages qualified candidates who have selected Ithaca as their first choice to apply under the early decision program. Music applicants who are applying under the early decision program must audition on the earliest on-campus audition date. More information, including deadlines, please visit the Ithaca College admission site:
Undergraduate Admission: Early Decision


Early Action

The School of Music does not participate in the Early Action program.

Waiting List

Admission to Ithaca College and the School of Music is competitive by both instrument and degree, and the number of applicants far exceeds the number of available spaces in studios and programs. As a result, some applicants will be offered a place on a waiting list. Applicants may choose to accept or deny a waiting-list offer. If the offer is accepted, the student may be considered for admission if a space becomes available. Applicants typically receive a final notification before or during the month of June.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Services is committed to partnering with families to assist all students in meeting educational costs through scholarships, grants, loans, and work programs whenever possible. There are talent-, merit-, and need-based scholarships available to undergraduate music students. Please visit the financial aid website for more information:
Financial Aid at Ithaca

Still Have Questions?

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page:
Music Admission FAQs

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