Other Benefits

Ithaca College faculty and staff members and their eligible dependents have the opportunity to use many of the College's recreational facilities. Employees have access to the many services of the College library, the Campus Center, and the College bookstore (at which employees receive a 10% discount). Employees also receive blue parking tags, allowing them to park in convenient spaces on campus at no charge. An employee's ID card also serves as a bus pass for the TCAT system.

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Check out all the transportation options Ithaca College can help you with.

Ithaca College has several programs to help employees commute to and from work.

Parking Permit

All Ithaca College employees are eligible for a free campus parking permit. At orientation you will be provided with information on how to order a permanent parking pass through Parking Services. Parking for faculty and staff is permitted in any of the numerous Blue Lots around campus. For additional information on parking, please see Parking & Traffic Services' Webpage.

TCAT Bus Pass

All Ithaca College, employees receive a free unlimited bus pass for the Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT). This great benefit allows you to use the bus not only to get back and forth to work, but to travel all over the city, even on the weekends! These bus pass permissions automatically become one of the many functions of your Ithaca College ID. Once you have received your permanent employee ID you will be set to ride the bus; just present your ID card when you board the bus. If you have any questions about the bus pass program please review the bus pass resources on the right.

Chemung Transit (C-Tran) Bus Pass

Ithaca College will also share the cost of a  monthly unlimited ride passes for College employees who live in communities served by Chemung Transit. Since the College has to pre-pay for these passes, we ask that only those who would expect to make most of their trips using the bus request a pass. If interested in participating, please contact Lew Durland, Director of Energy Management & Sustainability, 274-3769 or ldurland@ithaca.edu

Bike Registry

For those employees that want to hop on the saddle and ride their bike into work, Ithaca College has several programs to aid in that choice, the first being bike registration. The benefits of bike registration are aiding in the identification of stolen bicycles and it enables the Office of Public Safety to help improve bike parking and safety. To register your bike with Ithaca College please click the link to the right.

Zimride Ithaca Community-wide Ridematching System

This unique electronic social networking system for matching up drivers and riders was jointly developed by Ithaca College, Cornell, Tompkins Cortland Community College, and other local transportation organizations. Zimride Ithaca allows members of the Ithaca College community to offer or seek rides only from other IC community members, or users can opt to extend their search to the other two campuses, or they may fully open their search to the general Tompkins County community, something especially helpful for finding commuting rides.  This service is completely free to use. For more information, visit the Zimride Ithaca website.

VPSI Vanpooling

Community vanpooling is a program of TCAT, which has contracted with VPSI, Inc. to provide the vehicles and administrative support for this community vanpool program. A vanpool is a group of 5 to 14 people sharing a ride to or from Tompkins County in a commuter van provided by VPSI; one of the vanpool members is the driver of the vanpool group. Vanpool participation rates are based on the size of the van (seven to fourteen passengers), the number of people in the vanpool group, and the monthly round-trip mileage. VPSI will calculate your monthly cost based on those factors. Your vanpool mileage estimate may be increased or decreased based on your actual usage. Through TCAT, Ithaca College has committed to provide a monthly $700 subsidy per van for every seven Ithaca College employees enrolled in the vanpool system. This subsidy will help lower the monthly cost for each vanpool group. In addition, Ithaca College will underwrite $20 per month of the vanpool costs for each participating Ithaca College employee. For more information, contact VPSI at 1-800-VANRIDE (800-826-7433) or go to www.vanride.com.

Ithaca Carshare

Anyone looking for a stylish, fuel-efficient way to get around without the cost of owning and maintaining a car can now check out the Ithaca Carshare program. This local non-profit membership based carshare program allows members to use a car when you need one without the cost of putting a vehicle on the road. Ithaca Carshare can be a valuable resource for those who use transit or carpooling or ridesharing to get to work, but need to run errands or go to appointments off-campus during the day. You can even use an Ithaca Carshare vehicle for College business; just request reimbursement for your work-related expenses.

The Ithaca Carshare program features two membership options: the “It’s My Car” plan that covers two drivers and the “Just in Case” plan. There’s also a student membership available. Members pay a yearly or monthly membership fee. There’s also a miles-traveled fee and an hourly fee applied when members use the car, but you ONLY pay for the actual time and distance you use the vehicle.  Plus Ithaca College will provide $50 in driving credit to any employee who enrolls as a member of Ithaca Carshare.

There are more than twenty Ithaca Carshare vehicles (including a pickup truck and a minivan) located on the Cornell campus and Collegetown and throughout downtown Ithaca, always near TCAT bus service. The nearest vehicle to Ithaca College is conveniently located on South Hill along TCAT Route 11. To reserve a car, just call ahead or go online, then pick up the vehicle you requested. The keys are kept inside the car, and members are given a keyfob that will open the door. You must return the car to the same location where you picked it up. For more information, check out the link on the right.


Cornell Cooperative Extension’s free alternative transportation information program can help you figure out the most appropriate way for YOU to get where you need to go. Visit theWay2Go site for more information.