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Washington Center Internships

General Internships

Internship areas include: Advocacy, Service, and Arts Program; The Americas Program; Business and Information Technology Program; Congressional Leadership Program; International Affairs Program; Law and Criminal Justice Program; Mass Communications Program; NAFTA Leaders Program; Science and Policy Program.

The Washington Center provides students of all academic backgrounds with the opportunity to intern in areas of interest in Washington DC. Semester, summer, and postgraduate internships are available. Internships are supplemented by academic courses and a leadership forum. Students applying for general internship programs are reviewed for all scholarships and financial assistance for which they qualify.  Awards are first applied to housing and may come from stipends, regional scholarship funds, grants, etc.  Only the highest award from one source will be granted.  

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Deadlines vary depending on desired semester, and require institutional approval. Interested students should contact Don Beachler, beachler@ithaca.edu, and coordinate efforts with individual department liaisons.

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