Dare to Ask Big Questions

Learn to think and inquire deeply, solve problems, and inspire change. In Ithaca College’s School of Humanities and Sciences, you’ll learn from and collaborate with a world-class faculty consisting of researchers, change-makers, writers, artists, humanists, and scientists. You’ll join a community of H&S alumni who are making their mark in such organizations as Oxfam, NASA, Poets & Writers, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, among others.


The School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) offers liberal arts programs in the physical sciences, social sciences, creative arts, and humanities. The centerpiece of every H&S program is hands-on research, collaboration, and creative activity.
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Learn About the School of Humanities and Sciences

Find opportunities for engagement in every program. Conduct research in state-of-the-art laboratories, be mentored by dedicated faculty, apply theory in hands-on internships, and more.
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Faculty and Staff

In the School of Humanities and Sciences, your professors are also your collaborators, your mentors, and your cocreators.

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Beyond the Classroom

Encounter transformational moments in the lab or on the IC Natural Lands, in our makerspace, as a summer researcher working closely with a faculty member, or in unexpected conversations across our dynamic campus.
Undergraduate Programs

With social science majors, preprofessional programs, humanities majors, and more — H&S positions you to learn, grow, and thrive.

Undergraduate Students

Join a community of eager learners, thoughtful researchers, and lifelong friends.

How a Degree from H&S Can Change Your Life 

When you join our alumni community, you will carry opportunities for transformative collaboration and learning into your career, your relationships, and many other aspects of your life

Start Changing Your Life

Forewords: The Ithaca College Story

H&S students, faculty, and alumni make an impact that reverberates through industries, schools, and communities around the world.
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Beth Ryan

Beth Ryan

Researching Tomorrow’s Solutions

Beth Ryan is unapologetic about nerding out to biochemistry and what might just be the coolest job ever: designing the future of medicine.

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Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson '77

Turning Our World Around

Alex Wilson ’77 knows the best way to prepare for climate disaster is to expect it—and plan how to bounce forward when it strikes. 

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Antara Sen ’22 and Professor Beth Ellen Clark Joseph

Antara Sen & Beth Ellen Clark Joseph

Landing Out-of-This-World Opportunities

On a NASA mission, Antara Sen ’22 and Professor Beth Ellen Clark Joseph set national research and lifelong friendship into motion.

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Lisa Corewyn and Kari Brossard Stoos

Lisa Corewyn & Kari Brossard Stoos

Collaborating Wildly

From IC to Costa Rica, two faculty members forged an unexpected and unwavering partnership to save an endangered species.

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Elisa Rodriguez ’14

Elisa Rodriguez

Reading the Future

Elisa Rodriguez ’14 is helping to shape tomorrow’s critical thinkers one student at a time.

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News from Our School

The science, arts, and humanities programs at IC have a lot to write home about: groundbreaking achievements in applied research, student and faculty awards, impactful student organizations, and so much more.

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