Faculty Development at Ithaca College Planning Update

The full progress report from the faculty development planning process is online at the Center for Faculty Excellence website:

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Susanne Morgan was charged by Provost Kathleen Rountree to undertake a planning and implementation process to develop a model for faculty development at Ithaca College. Over 200 people were involved in the needs assessment phase carried out during fall 2008.

The primary finding is that faculty imagine a resource that would support them in all three areas of work -- teaching, scholarship, and leadership -- and across the career stages. They do identify teaching as most central and supporting new faculty as most critical.

The document includes data and findings from a faculty survey, focus groups, and interviews. An advisory group has now been formed and is exploring potential mission statements, functions, and organizational arrangements.

Updates will be posted on Intercom and at the CFE page.

Center for Faculty Excellence Website

Originally published in Intercom: Faculty Development at Ithaca College Planning Update.