Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation

From scientists to artists, there are a variety of ways to explore the natural, social, and aesthetic worlds in which we live. Courses that align with this theme will give students the tools to discover, transform, interpret, integrate, and evaluate the varied ways of knowing the world. Students will learn both by looking at examples from the past, but also by actively using these tools themselves. Through this, students will come to realize how imagination plays a role in all of these endeavors. Ultimately, this theme is about discovering and using the “truth”, in all of its complexity, in one’s own personal, professional, and civic life and as a global society.

Potential Inquiries:

  1. How is new knowledge discovered? How is it transformed into new technology and institutions?
  2. How do artists discover and transform the world into creative works such as visual art, drama or dance?
  3. How do we interpret visual, sound, and other media [including graphs] in meaningful ways?
  4. How can we integrate knowledge from different perspectives to create a more holistic and useful way of understanding our world?
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