Ithaca College

Physical Therapy

Master of Science in Physical Therapy

Graduation Requirements

All required graduate coursework is listed below and must be taken in sequence unless permission to deviate from the sequence or time frame has been approved by the graduate faculty. Candidates for a master’s degree in physical therapy are required to meet all requirements for graduation within three years of their matriculation into the graduate program.

All physical therapy majors must take graduate-level courses offered by the Department of Physical Therapy for a letter grade unless otherwise specified in the course descriptions.


PTMS-60100 Pathokinesiology     3
PTMS-60300 Cardiac Testing and Management     2
PTMS-60500 Pulmonary Testing and Management     2
PTMS-60600 Orthotics and Prosthetics     2
PTMS-60700/PTMS-60800 Research I and II (4) or
PTMS-63000/PTMS-63100 Thesis I and II (4)     4
PTMS-61000 Clinical Education III     3
PTMS-61100/PTMS-61200 Clinical Education IV and V (6) or
PTMS-62100 Clinical Education VI (6)     6
PTMS-61300 Clinical Science I – Orthopedics     3
PTMS-61400 Clinical Science II – Medicine     2
PTMS-61500 Clinical Science III – Neurology I     3
PTMS-61600 Clinical Science IV – Surgery     3
PTMS-61700 Clinical Science V -- Neurology II     4
PTMS-61800 Clinical Science VI -- Pediatrics     3
PTMS-61900 Geriatrics in Physical Therapy     1
PTMS-62200 Pre-Clinical Conference III     0
PTMS-62400 Professional Development III     1
PTMS-62500 Wellness and Prevention     1
PTMS-62600 Professional Development IV  0.5 
Total  43.5