Build Your Community

Feel at home away from home. Host a movie night with your roommate, relax with friends over a tasty meal, and join a student organization to find those who share your passions.


Feel that IC pride! Our athletes (known around campus as Bombers) are champions on and off the field. Whether you compete for one of our 27 Division III teams, play a club sport, or applaud them, you’ll be a part of the Bomber family. We cheer. Loudly.

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Student Support and Wellness

Every aspect of the Ithaca College campus is designed to equip you to face challenges and to empower you to succeed. Check out our student support programs, academic, career, and health services, and more campus initiatives.

Be change. Be changed.

Together, we stand for diversity, inclusion, equity, environmental sustainability, and global perspectives. We look at progress as a willingness to be changed—and to change others.
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waterfall being overlooked by 3 people on a bridge

Living in Ithaca

From stunning waterfalls, scenic hiking trails, and an award-winning farmers market to a “killer music scene,” Broadway-caliber theatre, eclectic restaurants, and a business startup incubator—it’s no wonder we were voted the #1 college town in the U.S.

Explore Ithaca

Why Progress Never Stops at IC 

Bring your unapologetic self—your deepest passions, wackiest hobbies, loudest instruments, and wildest ideas—to our one-of-a-kind community. When your whole self is supported, your whole attention can be devoted to creating the world you want to live in. 
Majors and Minors

Find your niche and explore your side interests in focused bachelor’s degree programs and one-off elective courses alike.

Trans-Supportive College/University

With a 5 out of 5 rating on the Campus Pride Index, IC is deeply committed to inclusive programs, policies, and services for LGBTQ+ students — and started National Pronoun Day.

Student Orgs & Clubs

Put your passions and interests to work with like-minded people. You can even start your own club to bring your favorite hobby or volunteer opportunity to campus.

Forewords: The Ithaca College Story

A collection of introductions to the Ithaca College story—about those who continue to write it. Meet students, faculty, alumni, and other IC community members who took risks, embraced setbacks, and iterated their way to success.
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