Board of Trustees

C. William Schwab, Chair
Lawrence M. Alleva, Vice Chair

David R. Ames '72

Michael A. Battle '77

Mark Dicker '77

Caroleen A. Feeney '86

David Fleisher II '91

W. Kent Fuchs

John E. Gallagher Jr. '69

Kathleen M. Garner

David A. Giannotti '69

Adelaide P. Gomer

Thomas H. Grape '80

Jason G. Hamilton

Doreen Hettich-Atkins

Michael Kaplan '85

Christopher LaCroix '79

David A. Lebow '83

Judith M. Linden '73

T. Michael Long

John D. McClung

Stephen C. McCluski '74

Susan D. Pervi

Kenneth D. Pollinger '82

Lisa B. Puntillo

Arrien L. C. Schiltkamp

Lawrence S. Smith '69

Walter J. Smith, S.J.

Elizabeth A. Stoltz '13

Kurt J. Wolfgruber '72

Thomas R. Rochon, ex officio

Chair Emeriti

William L. Haines

Herman E. Muller Jr. ’51

Honorary Trustees

Robert A. Beck

Roberta Peters Fields

Gloria L. Hobbs

Robert A. Iger '73

Robert J. Joynt

Herman E. Muller Jr. '51

Arthur F. Narr '48

David W. Sass '57

George J. Schunck

Carolyn K. Serling

Roy A. Young


Office of the President

Thomas R. Rochon, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. (Michigan), President

Anthony Hopson, B.A, M.A. (Connecticut), Assistant Vice President, Community and Government Relations

Executive Officers

Marisa Kelly, Ph.D. (University of Kansas), Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Eric Maguire, B.A. (Muhlenberg), M.S. (Indiana University), Vice President for Enrollment Management

Brian J. McAree, B.S. (SUNY, Cortland), M.P.S. (Loyola University), M.A. (Bowling Green State), Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life

Nancy Pringle, B.A. (St. Rose), M.S., Ed.S. (SUNY, Albany), J.D. (SUNY, Buffalo), Vice President and College Counsel

Shelley S. Semmler, B.A. (Queens), M.S. (SUNY, Cortland), Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Carl E. Sgrecci, A.S., B.S. (Ithaca), M.B.A. (Syracuse), CPA, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Graduate and Professional Studies

Robert Gearhart, B.S., M.S. (Ithaca), Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies

Sally Espinosa, B.S. (New Mexico State), M.S. (Ithaca), Assistant to the Deans