School of Business


The accounting curriculum prepares students for a range of careers in accounting and serves as an excellent background for graduate studies and law school. Students develop strong communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving capabilities while learning to apply theoretical concepts and to use accounting data, along with other analytical measurements, for decision making. Many challenging positions are available for students with accounting backgrounds.

For students interested in pursuing careers as certified public accountants, the accounting department offers a five-year, dual-degree program in accounting that is registered with the New York State Education Department. Students may receive a B.S. degree in accounting after four years of study and an M.B.A in professional accountancy after their fifth year of study. Admission to the M.B.A in professional accountancy is separate from admission to the B.S. in accounting (see below).

Requirements for the Accounting Major -- B.S.


1.  Sitting for the CPA examination in New York State requires 150 hours of study. The School of Business has designed a five-year, dual-degree program, the B.S. in accounting/M.B.A. in professional accountancy, to fulfill the requisite coursework. Students who opt to complete just the B.S. in accounting degree will not qualify to sit for the New York CPA examination.

2.  All level-3 and level-4 courses must be taken at AACSB-accredited institutions.

3.  The last 30 credits of the degree must be taken at Ithaca College.

4. All students enrolled in the School of Business must complete two leadership certificates offered by the Ithaca College Center for Student Leadership and Involvement (CSLI) as part of their requirements for graduation.

Core Accounting Curriculum

Business Skills

BINT 10100

World of Business


ECON 12100

Principles of Macroeconomics (LA)


ECON 12200

Principles of Microeconomics (LA)


ACCT 22500 Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 22600 Management Accounting 3
GBUS 20300 Legal Environment of Business I 3
MGMT 20600 Organizational Behavior and Management 3
MGMT 26000 Business Systems and Technology 3
FINA 31100 Business Finance 3
MKTG 31200 Principles of Marketing 3
PROD 34500 Operations Management 3
HRM 30200 Applied Ethical Issues in Management (LA) 3
MGMT 42100 Strategic Management 3
ACCT 34500 Intermediate Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 34600 Financial Accounting Theory and Reporting 3
ECON 22000 Managerial Economics 3
ACCT 40600 Auditing 3
ACCT 49300 Tax Accounting 3
MGMT 31000 Leadership in Organizations 3
ACCT 49800 Accounting: Internship* 3
ACCT 31500 Cost Analysis and Decision Making 3
MKTG 31000 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
GBUS 30700 Commercial Law 3

* Students not continuing into the Ithaca College M.B.A. in professional accountancy program may substitute ACCT 49600 Practicum in Tax Accounting.

Communication Skills
WRTG 10600 Academic Writing I (LA) or
WRTG 11100 Academic Writing II (LA) 3
WRTG 21100 Writing for the Workplace 3
SPCM 11000 Public Communication (LA) or
SPCM 11500 Business and Professional Communication    3
Total, communication skills 9
Computing and Mathematics Skills
COMP 11000 Computers and Information Technologies (LA) or
COMP 17100 Principles of Computing Science I (LA) 3-4

Select one

MATH 10700

Fundamentals of Applied Calculus (LA) (placement test groups 2 and 3) or

MATH 10800

Calculus for Decision Making (LA) (groups 1 and 2) or

MATH 11100

Calculus I (LA) (group 1)


Select one

MATH 14400

Business Statistics (LA)

MATH 24300

Statistics (LA)

MATH 24400

Statistics with Probability (LA)

PSYC 20700

Statistics in Psychology (LA)


Total, computing and mathematics skills


Liberal arts electives

As part of the 60 credits in liberal arts courses required for the bachelor of science in accounting degree, students must take liberal arts courses required for the major (above), "restricted" liberal arts electives, an "approved international" liberal arts elective, and "open" liberal arts electives.

Liberal arts courses required for major (see above) 28-30
"Restricted" liberal arts electives:
   Social science liberal arts (SS) (6)
   Humanities liberal arts (HU) (3)
   Natural science liberal arts in biology, chemistry, or physics (NS) (3)
   Business-oriented cultural diversity liberal arts elective* (3)


"Approved international" liberal arts elective** 3
"Open" liberal arts electives*** 12-14

* Liberal arts courses that focus on workplace-related issues -- such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, family status, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and disability -- that impact employees' interactions and management of human resources (list available on School of Business website and at dean's office).

** Accounting students must take one "approved international liberal arts elective." The business-oriented cultural diversity elective and the approved international business liberal arts elective may not be the same course. The list is available on the School of Business website and at the dean's office.

*** Any College courses with a liberal arts (LA) designation.