Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies

Health Communication

Bruce Henderson, Professor and Coordinator

Health Communication Minor

The Department of Speech Communication, with the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education and the Department of Strategic Communication, offers a specialized minor in health communication. Health communication focuses on communication processes and behaviors as they occur within the contexts of health promotion and health care. The minor is administered by the Department of Speech Communication and the Health Communication Steering Committee. For additional information, contact the coordinator, Professor Bruce Henderson.

Requirements for the Minor in Health Communication

STCM 11100

Presentation Media and Visual Design


SPCM 11000

Public Communication or

SPCM 11500

Business and Professional Communication


SPCM 22500

Health Communication or

HLTH 22600

Health Communication


HLTH 20500

Critical Health Issues


Human Communication/Practice

Select one of the following:

STCM 10800

Human Communication in Organizations

SPCM 14000

Small Group Communication

SPCM 14900

Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication

SPCM 15000

Introduction to Communication Theory

SPCM 21500

Argumentation and Debate

SPCM 31100

Advanced Public Communication

SPCM 35300

Language and Social Interaction


Health Policy/Analysis

Select one of the following:

ECON 30400

Economics of Health Care

POLT 36500

The Politics of Health

PHIL 23000


SOCI 31400

Sociology of Health and Medicine

SOCI 31600

Women and Health

ANTH 48000

Medical Anthropology

HLTH 25000

International Health Issues

HLTH 30400

Economics of Health Care

HLTH 15200

Introduction to Health and Physical Education



Select one of the following:

STCM 15000

Professional Applications of Technology

HPS 35000

Communicating in Health Service Organizations

HLTH 31700

Community Health

HLTH 33000

Health Promotion in the Workplace

MKTG 31200

Principles of Marketing


Total, health communication minor