School of Humanities and Sciences


Bachelor of Science -- Joint major, biology and chemistry departments

The biochemistry major provides a strong foundation for work at the graduate level, either directly in biochemistry or related areas, or for immediate entrance into a career in business or industry. Biochemistry is a fundamental part of the agritech industry, as well as many more traditional fields, such as food sciences, pharmaceuticals, biological analysis, and specialty chemicals. Many medical problems are of a biochemical nature. The curriculum combines, in an integrated whole, those areas of biology, chemistry, and related sciences that are important in this emerging field. Specific biochemistry coursework completes the program, preparing students for their chosen careers.

Requirements for the Major in Biochemistry -- B.S.

Biology (BIOL 12100, BIOL 12200, BIOL 22700, BIOL 35400)


Chemistry (CHEM 12100 or CHEM 12300, CHEM 12400, CHEM 22100,
CHEM 22200, CHEM 22500, CHEM 23200, CHEM 32400, CHEM 33100)


Biochemistry (BIOC 35300, BIOC 35400, BIOC 48100)


Biology or chemistry (BIOL 31500 or BIOL 34500 or BIOL 37600 or BIOL 37800 or BIOL 45200 or
BIOL 47300 or CHEM 32600 or CHEM 33200 or CHEM 34200 or CHEM 35600 or CHEM 42100)


Physics (PHYS 11700, PHYS 11800 or PHYS 10100,  PHYS 10200)


Mathematics (MATH 10800 or MATH 11100, MATH 11200 or MATH 14500)


Total, required biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and math courses 68-69



Total, B.S. in biochemistry


CHEM 34200 Inorganic Chemistry, CHEM 35200 Computer Techniques for Scientists, and biochemistry, biology, or chemistry research are recommended but not required.

Requirements for Honors in Biochemistry

Students may apply for honors to the chairs of biology and chemistry no later than the second week of the senior year. They must have completed at least 3 credits of research at level 3 or above to qualify and must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.00 with a 3.30 average in all chemistry and biology courses.

If the application is approved, students design an honors project in consultation with an adviser from either the biology or chemistry faculty. An honors committee of no fewer than three faculty members, including the adviser, is selected from both biology and chemistry faculties, with at least one member from each department. The committee reviews the project periodically to monitor the student's progress.

An honors thesis is to be submitted by the student no later than three weeks before the date of graduation. The honors thesis is evaluated by the honors committee. An oral defense of the thesis, open to faculty and students of both departments, is made before the honors committee. Final approval comes from consultation of the honors committee and the chairs of biology and chemistry.